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State of the Union
Income Gap Narrows as Culture Gap Widens

The past four years marked a period of unusually egalitarian economic growth and unusually intense cultural conflict.

higher ed in turmoil
Illiberalism Is Expensive

An NYT op-ed proposes that rioters ought to be granted control over what events may and may not be held on college campuses.

news analysis
the new culture wars
Dear Colleague Letter, 2011-2017

The policy that set in motion a fierce culture war over young people, sex, and the meaning of consent is no more.

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the marketplace of ideas
A Run on Liberalism?

The problem for liberalism on college campuses isn’t the failure to teach Mill and Madison.

liberal blind spots
The Militant Pragmatism of Hillary Clinton

We tend to think of militants as only existing on the far Left or Right. But perhaps the biggest problem for pragmatists in American politics is that they are developing a militancy of their own.

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single-payer and slippery slopes
The Overton Window Moves on Healthcare

The Democrats are moving toward single-payer because they believe it will excite their base. But perhaps the bigger advantage is that it drives a wedge into their opposition.

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Higher Education Watch
Betsy DeVos Came Out Swinging for Due Process on Campus. Will It Matter?

The Department of Education’s new approach might not have as much of an effect on the ground as its proponents hope and its opponents fear.

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Identity Politics
The Statistic That Explains the Trump Presidency

It also shows why politics could get even uglier in the coming years.

Political Decay
The DACA Fight and the End of Politics

The DACA chaos isn’t just about immigration. It also points to a growing disturbance within Enlightenment liberal politics.

news analysis
tech plays hardball
It’s Time to Retire the Silicon Valley Mythos

It’s becoming impossible to take seriously.

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