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Jason Willick
Staff Writer, covering domestic politics, policy and social issues. Twitter: @jawillick.
court and country
Russia Scandal Looks Different Outside of Washington

The Russia scandal is dominating Washington politics and media. Ordinary voters see things differently.

beyond the ivory tower
The Wages of the Campus Revolts

Republicans’ views of higher education have plummeted over the past few years.

stress test
Joe Raedle/Getty Images
What Would a Recession Look Like?

A recession today would be like an earthquake rocking a political edifice that is already showing cracks.

millennials vs. boomers
Good Redistribution in the GOP Health Bill

Millennials finally catch a break.

Obamacare Repeal
The Smallness of the Health Debate and the Failure of Elite Imagination

The parties are locked into a zero-sum fight over resources that leaves the underlying deformity of our system unaddressed.

American Balkanization
California’s Soft Secession

The Golden States’s self-righteous “travel ban” sets a dangerous and destructive precedent.

Obamacare Repeal
This Criticism of GOP Health Reform Is Revealing

The Democratic line of attack against the law is powerful—but it also highlights Obamacare’s underperformance.

let's talk about issues
Are Democrats Waking Up to Russia Insanity?

After Georgia, it’s good to see a prominent member of the Democratic Party waking up to just how much they have been hurting themselves by fixating on the Russia collusion issue.

ambush in alexandria
Mark Wilson/Getty Images
What Violence Means

The rising tide of political violence is deeply worrisome, not only because of the innocent people harmed but because of what it says about the health of our institutions.

Optics My Dear Boy
The Placebo Politics of Paris

Trump’s decision today doesn’t make the U.S. better off, but it probably doesn’t make us much worse off, either.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Conceding Syria

There are good reasons to re-think U.S. commitments in Syria. But ending support to the rebels will pose real costs for no clear benefit.

American Balkanization

California, New York, and lesser liberal states are inaugurating something new and dangerous in American politics.

blue reform?

There are still Democrats who occupy something like the liberal center that Bill Clinton helped forge in the 1990s.

Market Forces

A railroad CEO is grim about coal’s future in America.

Market Failure

Between its broken carbon market and its out of control solar industry, little is going to plan in the Golden state.

Optics My Dear Boy

Trump’s willingness to meet with Putin without even an American interpreter present was at best a sign that he hasn’t mastered some of the most basic elements of his job.

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