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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
German Elections
Merkel on Course to Victory?

It’s early days still, but the German Chancellor must feel good about her chances.

France Speaks
A Stay of Execution for Europe—At Best

For Emmanuel Macron, all the problems that wrecked his predecessor’s presidency are still there.

With Allies Like These...
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The Greece-Turkey Rift Widens

A contentious court case is reviving old animosities between Ankara and Athens.

After Brexit
EU to UK: All Your Money Are Belong to Us

A cool €100 billion is the new estimated Brexit tax that the EU may ask Britain to pay.

Mixed Messages
Trump Sows Confusion in Seoul

Trump’s latest outburst on THAAD and trade will hardly help shore up U.S.-South Korean relations.

the 45th president
100 Days in and the Reichstag Hasn’t Burned Yet

Those prophesying apocalyptic doom under President Trump have not come out looking so good.

Education Transformation
The Vanishing Liberal Arts Degree

Students are majoring in liberal arts at the lowest rate since 1948—and maybe even since 1900, depending on how you look at things.

EU's Future
Macron Wins the First Round

Will a win for the “radical center” signal anything more than a slow decline of the status quo toward failure?

Blue Boondoggles
Paying for Silicon Valley’s Transit Upgrade

If federalism means anything at all, it means that states and cities should, unless some grave emergency exists, be responsible for their own transit and transportation infrastructure.

How do you solve a problem like Korea?
Why Beijing Pussyfoots Around Pyongyang

China and the US retain fundamentally different assumptions about the Kim regime’s vulnerability.

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Crude Economics

And it’s (almost) all Libya’s fault. It’s a bad time to be a petrostate.

Ich Spy

The hypocrisy of Germany’s outrage to NSA spying is laid bare once more.

Scientific Method

And it’s sparked an acrimonious debate amongst scientists in the process.

A Messy Divorce

A year after the referendum, the path forward on Brexit looks murkier than ever.

Death of a Generation

Environmentalists, take note.

American Balkanization

The Golden States’s self-righteous “travel ban” sets a dangerous and destructive precedent.

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