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Diplomacy in Action
The India-Israel Breakthrough
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  • Muhammad Peace be Upon Me

    Do WRM and the rest ever read these discussion threads? jw

  • Ellen

    Thanks for that nice piece.

    Yes, it is true. Netanyahu will be remembered in history as a much more successful leader than Obama, Kerry, or the whole Oslo gang of mediocrities in Washington, Brussels, London, Berlin, Paris, etc. No will be able to remember a single significant accomplishment that any of them made, while the meteoric rise of Israel in all fields will be dated from the prime ministership if Netanyahu.

    • Isaiah6020

      Hashem always rewards those who stay true to Him. He does it in His own time and in His own way, but the result is inevitable.

  • D4x

    Good for Modi, to use his visit to Israel to further India’s interests in agricultural, high tech, medical, and defense innovation, products, and services.
    “fundamentally it reflects a recognition that Israel is not a West European state.” It never was, except in the minds of those who think Israel was created for European survivors of the Holocaust, a truly pernicious belief that delegitimizes Israel as a Jewish State. Judaism is a religion. Many of those survivors were from Eastern Europe.

    “Much of Israel’s population consists of refugees from the Arab world” needs to be restated as ‘muslim nations’, although most were Arab-speaking nations. Not ‘much’, about one third, and the immigrants from the former Soviet Union are about one million. The Falasha from Ethiopia are a smaller part of the citizenry.

    About the 4,000 people of Indian origin in Tel Aviv? “…Some 3,000 Bnei Menashe have immigrated to Israel in recent years, with another 7,000 remaining in India. …” February 16, 2017:
    About time it’s not about the Palestinians, except in the minds of too many western elites.

    • MyWord245

      I thought the gesture of PM Modi meeting with Moshe Holtzberg, child whose parents were murdered by terrorists in the Mumbai attack, is heart warming. “I am deeply moved and can’t explain how good I feel at this gesture from the Indian Prime Minister. We are looking forward to that opportunity,” Rabbi Rosenberg (Moshe’s grand father) added. It seems Moshe would like to have his Bar mitzvah in Mumbai — I hope he does that.

  • D4x

    “PM Modi Israel visit: Water, agriculture to be high on agenda …”working lunch” on Wednesday. The bilateral meeting would last for four hours, he said. Agriculture and water, among others, will be the areas of cooperation the two countries wish to set up joint strategic partnerships. Israel is also looking to seek cooperation in the area of Space technology,…”

    No mention of “arms sales”, but, “common challenges like terrorism will be discussed.”
    The FT has some implicit bias to work on.

  • ljgude

    As the son of a farmer who also happened to be a trained economist I understand the importance of agriculture unlike most of the city folk at TAI. OK, its way better than the NY Times. But full credit for reporting the agricultural part of this story. From an agricultural economist’s perspective Israel is located between two countries which and having serious difficulties – Syria and Egypt – but it is almost never mentioned that neither country is capable of feeding itself. Israel could fix that for both countries, but can’t for political reasons but can offer that kind of service to India. As one city slicker I know likes to say, “That’s HUUUUGE!” As is India. Also as is China which is eliminating a lot of arable land building empty cities. As it happens, I’m a very old farm boy and wont get to see how it all turns out. Still, my money is on Gau Bhakti to prevail in he long run over Communism with Chinese Features.

  • Leon0112

    This is great for Israel. Congratulations.

    Speculation: Within Trump’s first term, Israel and Saudi Arabia will have embassies in each other’s countries. And the Saudis will help the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

    • Curious Mayhem

      I predicted it! The Likud-Wahhabi axis of 2017 … maybe I’m a few years off ….

  • Curious Mayhem

    Take that, Obama, Kerry, and Clinton … pompous, narcissistic blowhards all ….

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