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Erdogan on Paris
Show Me the Money!
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  • Fat_Man

    Told you so.

  • Andrew Allison

    The fact is that, just like NATO,, the money was never going to come from anywhere but the USA!

    • Fat_Man

      yup. Show Me the Money!

  • D4x

    Wait until the EU gets the bill for rebuilding Syria…lots of solar potential. Erdogan had a previously unscheduled bilateral on July 8 with POTUS. Syria and “Qatar row” were the only reported topics, 20 minutes, no unicorns.

    • rheddles

      I hope not.

      • D4x

        Hope not what? That EU pays to rebuild Syria; or that SecTillerson is trying to work with Turkey on northern Syria? Or that their is an oil conference in Istanbul?
        We need to peel Erdogan back from his new bromance with Iran, without betraying the Kurds. Good to take advantage that Erdogan asked for the bilateral in Hamburg.
        Last thing the world needs is for Turks to get along with Persians!

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Erdogan is a grubby little dictator, and Turkey is now an enemy to the West. They should be kicked from NATO, and rejected for arms purchases, especially the F-35 program. Stealth aircraft are just much too dominate on the battlefield, to give to an enemy.

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