Canada's Magnitsky Act
The Russia Lobby Flops in Canada
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  • FriendlyGoat

    Why does Russia have “devious intentions”? Not saying it doesn’t—–under present leadership—–but fundamentally, why?

    • Sergey

      Because this is baked into KGB mentality, and now former KGB officers are real rulers of Russia. Do not look for a rational basis in fundamentally irrational mindset.

      • FriendlyGoat

        I agree with you on that. And now the next question would be WHY did Russians at about the turn of this century decide to re-elect the KGB types to run their country?

        • Sergey

          Propaganda and habit to obey everything coming from government officials. Most Russian are still have a serf psychology. Independent thinking is a rarity.

  • Angel Martin

    “Their tactics are so amateurish they’re not even subtle,” Mr. McKay said. “It’s so stupid that the dullest among us can see through that.”

    So Russians are so ham-fisted that even we clueless Canucks can see thru them… but in the USA they somehow caused political juggernaut Hillary Clinton to lose the election ?

    • Psalms13626

      That was John Podesta’s excuse as to why he spent twice as much as Donald Trump and still lost to him. The fact that Leftwingers decided to run with it is just a sign of how desperate and strategically illiterate they are.

      • Angel Martin

        I guess it beats admitting that they ran the worst campaign in American history.

        They wasted a billion dollars on Hillary. They were certain they had it won and relied entirely on faulty “data analytics”.

        They didn’t spend anything on polling in the last three weeks of the campaign to “save money”.

    • RedWell

      …or there is a segment of the population that is just really susceptible to unsubtle, nationalist outrage news.

      • Psalms13626

        I mean, there’s a segment of population that STILL believes in Russia conspiracy theories, so I guess anything is possible.

        • RedWell

          There is even a portion of the population that believes Russia did not intervene at all, that Trump campaign folks meeting Russians was standard procedure, and that Trump didn’t commit obstruction of justice by firing Comey specifically about the Russia investigation.

          Of course, such people are clearly paranoid and more worried about winning identity politics fights than protecting US sovereignty and the integrity of constitutional democracy. We should probably disregard them.

          • Psalms13626

            Wait, Trump was found guilty of obstruction of justice? Really? He was? When did that occur?
            And Trump campaign didn’t do anything that Hillary’s campaign didn’t do.
            Also, nobody is denying that Russia attempted to interfere. The person who was in charge during 2016 campaign did a terrible job at preventing it. Who was that again?

          • RedWell

            These discussions turn into fractal digressions every time, but …

            Trump fires Comey. Trump says it was to stop the investigation. It’s public record. Bill Cosby actually had a trial and got off recently, but come on, do we think he is innocent? Trump isn’t even hiding anything because he is too ill-informed to know it was wrong.

            I’m not talking about Hillary. Not relevant and bad sophistry, this isn’t Moscow, 1978.

            I’m also not talking about Obama. Again, creeping outward to say “What about … !” doesn’t address the question at hand: collusion and Russian interference.

            You agree that Russia interfered. Clearly, it was on behalf of Trump. Why? Either they hated Hillary because she would be tough on them or the like Trump because he is either incompetent or he would be friendly to them.

            That is incredibly damning. Embarrassing, really. I don’t see why people of good faith and honest intelligence can’t just say, “Whoops. We should fix this mess.”

            Now before you wave the “But Hillary, But Obama” flag, I don’t care. We can discuss them on their own merits. If the point is that they are held to different standards, the question is by whom and what are the standards, anyway? That, again, is another discussion.

            Bottom line, we both agree that Russia helped Trump. That is seriously troubling.

          • Psalms13626

            Obstruction of justice is a specific charge that must be proven in a court of law. Until it is proven there, the person is innocent. What you feel about it is irrelevant. What courts decide is relevant.
            It is not clear that they interfered on behalf of Trump. They interfered in the election. If you have a problem with what Russia did, or how Obama failed to prevent it, take it up with Russia and/or Obama. Blaming Trump for actions or inactions of others is silly.
            I don’t think Russia helped Trump. I think Hillary being an awful candidate helped Trump. If you think Russia interfered in the elections to help Trump, blame people who allowed it to happen. Be troubled by that.

    • Muhammad Peace be Upon Me

      Seth Rich, or someone, exposed dirty dealings, DNC – media collusion, and systemic corruption that disrupted Sanders campaign. Seth Rich is dead.

  • Beauceron

    “In Canada, Moscow’s influence campaigns aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.”

    And the US as well…

  • Muhammad Peace be Upon Me

    But the Chinese Communist influence is large and keeps growing. Muslim influence is large and keeps growing.

  • Gary Hemminger

    Can you imagine it? the Russisans actually having the gall to promote their own agenda. How dare a country actually try to promote their own agenda. Where will it end? I think we must outlaw the promotion of agendas by any country. I think this used to be called marketing. Now it is just plain old propaganda. And that $200K or so that Russia spent on Facebook. I am sure that turned the entire election. Man these Russians are really good. They spend a few million and totally throw an election their way. the Democrats and Republicans spend billions and can’t do it.

    Is this some kind of joke actually? Whomever believes that the Russians amateur hour actually changes anything needs to have their heads examined. The elites in this country are completely lost.

    • Sergey

      Their agenda is not to change election outcomes or USA politics in anything. It is to enhance chaos and amplify divisions already existing in USA society, which they see as decadent and ripe to moral collapse. And this is not far from reality.

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