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Putin's Inauguration
Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Putin’s fourth term is shaping up to look a lot like his third—but with even more state repression and violence.

Putin 4.0
The Post-Election Power Plays Begin

The arrest of two oligarch brothers may signal a new power struggle over the Prime Minister post, or an intensified crackdown on private business. Either way, don’t bet on liberal reform in Putin’s next term.

Duma Drama
Why The Kremlin Fears #MeToo

A sexual harassment scandal in Russia’s parliament threatens to expose the Putin regime’s hollow, hypocritical commitment to “traditional values.”

A Conversation at PutinCon
How To Deal with Putin

As Vladimir Putin begins another six-year term as President, TAI asked the attendees of the PutinCon conference how to handle the Russian leader.

Bluffing 101
Who Has the Best Nukes?

Vladimir Putin does!

news analysis
State Capitalism
Russia’s State Takeover Hits the Grocery Aisle

A state bank’s acquisition of a major food retailer marks a milestone in the Kremlin’s takeover of private enterprise.

news analysis
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Navalny's Expose
Nothing Personal, Strictly Business

A tawdry tale of escort girls, yachts, and bribery surrounding a Russian oligarch pal of Paul Manafort that could kick off a new round of infighting within Russia.

You Can't Go Home Again
Russia’s Rich Exiles Are Gone For Good

As the election looms, the Kremlin is peddling a narrative that its exiled businessmen are begging to bring their money home. Don’t believe the hype.

news analysis
Garbage In Garbage Out
The Oligarch List That Wasn’t

The Trump Administration has undermined the deterrent effects of a law meant to prevent Russian meddling in future elections.

State Capitalism
Russia’s Great Bank Takeover

For the past year, the Central Bank of Russia has been systematically destroying the country’s private banks, consolidating immense financial power in the hands of the Kremlin.

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