Jeffrey Gedmin
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the migrant crisis
Saving the West

Republicans want America to lead again. What happens if the EU’s migration crisis decimates the EU—and our closest allies are neither capable nor willing to follow?

RFE/RL’s Prague headquarters, October 2001. HANA JAKRLOVA/AFP/Getty Images.
Countering Propaganda
Spies, Lies, and the Power of Truth

Four lessons from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s history for the war against authoritarian propaganda.

Kremlin Venom
A Short History of Russian Poisoning

The possible poisoning of Russian journalist Vladimir Kara-Mursa has a cold-blooded context.

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Europe Whole and Free
“All In” On Ukraine

There used to be a time, not too long ago, when the United States had a strategy and a vision for Europe. By pivoting away, we have been courting trouble. It’s time to pivot back.

Asia's Game of Thrones
Pivot to Japan

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is coming to Washington. We should listen carefully to what he says.

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Ideals and Interests
Getting Human Rights Right

The Global Magnitsky Act will hold human rights abusers to account. But it should also inspire a fresh debate about the role of promoting human rights and democracy in American foreign policy.

The Sony Hack
Kick the Chicken, Kowtow to the Monkey

Forget about North Korea and The Interview: For decades Hollywood has been censoring its own output to protect access to the Chinese market.

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The TNR Dust-Up
Horrible Bosses

What the New Republic and the Washington Redskins have in common.

Turn Your Radio On

The former director of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty assesses what's right and what's wrong with U.S. broadcasting policy.

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