Russia and the West
Gerhard Schröder: Donald Trump’s Doppelgänger?

Both men are the kind of self-dealer Putin excels at manipulating.

Published on: September 7, 2017
Jeffrey Gedmin, a former director of the Aspen Institute Berlin, is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and senior adviser, Blue Star Strategies.
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  • 李明洙

    Amazing how poorly Americans understand Putin. Is Putin a nice guy? no. Is Putin a killer? yes. Is Putin corrupt? yes again. Can I say the same thing about US presidents? Unquestionably. They may be corrupt in different ways, and kill different people (journalists vs a school full of kids), but stone cold killers the lot of them. Putin would love nothing more than to be in the western orbit. Seems like everyone outside of the west knows this. He is a man of his word. He kept his promises to the oligarchs and the Yeltsin family. He only turns to China and a few, old Russia client states out of desperation and for lack of better options.

    • caap02

      He did not keep Russia’s word to Ukraine.

      • 李明洙

        Why would he?

  • Gary Hemminger

    You lost me at contempt for democratic institutions. Obama’s DACA pronouncement was profoundly a contempt for democratic institutions. Trump was profoundly for democratic instituions when he pushed DACA back to congress. So the first example I can think of has Trump being pro democratic institutions. I guess for you being “anti democratic institutions” is defined as something that you didn’t like, and being “pro democratic institutions” is defined as something you did like. Strange definition. so I stopped reading right after that profoundly ridiculous statement. And just to let you know, I did not vote for Trump. Nor am I a supporter. but he is president so wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Angel Martin

    This article is a joke. The worst by far I have ever read from TAI.

    Trump and Schroeder have nothing in common, except that they are not as anti-Putin as Gedmin thinks one should be.

    Trump is a multi-billionaire who made and spent his own money. And came to politics late in life. Trump doesn’t need Putin’s money. He has his own money.

    Schroeder is a gauche caviar professional politician who got rich while doing “public service”. And he is now officially on Putin’s payroll. Regularizing an arrangement that likely existed long before he “retired”.

    • WigWag

      Gedman=Paradigmatic Swamp Dweller.

      Ignore anything he has to say.

    • David Goldenburger

      Trying to draw parallels like this in academia are usually rather dubious, but never the less, they can be a useful exercise. In this case, I think it is a rather good article. Its not intended to be a PhD dissertation. You might be taking the article a little too seriously…

    • caap02

      Who says that Trump is a “multi-billionaire”? (other than Trump himself?). In any case, regardless of how much $$ Trump has, much has been written about how he is likely driven by his queens-boy resentment of his Manhatanite betters.

  • Joe Eagar

    Worst adversaries? Are we forgetting the North Koreans?

    • David Goldenburger

      Understood, but even still, simply by the mere fact that North Korea sits in an area that holds absolutely ZERO geopolitical significance to the US……yea. Russia is certainly the West’s worst adversary by most metrics.

      • Bankotsu

        Actually North Korea is of quite high geopolitical significance to the US.

        If U.S. controls North Korea and deploys an army there, it can use North Korea as a base to threaten China.

        If let’s say China dares to challenge U.S. global heegmony, U.S. can invade China from North Korea.

  • Bankotsu

    What about Xi Jinping, Modi, Netanyahu, Erdogan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Duterte and Sisi?

    How is Putin manipulating and controlling them?

    We all know that Putin is the puppet master, controller and godfather behind Trump and Gerhard Schröder, but what I want to know is how is Putin controlling Xi Jinping, Modi, Netanyahu, Erdogan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Duterte and Sisi from behind the scenes?

    I hope the writer can shed some light there.

    • How dare you! Putin is kowtowing. We need him to beg us for money and credit otherwise he would love to be in the western club. Putin took over crimea and we are showing everyone who controls the SCS. Putin sees the risk in the northern territories. China has many people. Northern territories has few russians and a lot of minerals. We can settle that later.

      • Bankotsu

        My mistake.

  • Bankotsu

    Putin controlling Trump and Schröder is no big deal.

    How he is controlling Xi Jinping and manipulating him into selling out China is the real story.

  • Roy Tyrell

    A very half-hearted effort by the folks in Langley… it’s like… he wasn’t even trying…

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