Arch Puddington
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Freedom's Retreat
Killing Democracy Softly

Modern autocrats are less prone to violence and overt repression than their totalitarian predecessors—but that only makes the threat they pose all the more insidious.

Demonizing Democracy

Today’s authoritarians are just as threatened by pluralism and dissenting ideas as the single-party states that preceded them.

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The Autocratic Model
Putin’s Russia: Enabler of Repression

The findings of Freedom House’s Nations in Transit report point to Russia’s role as model and enabler for Eurasia’s autocracies.

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Crisis in Ukraine
The End of Russia’s Isolation

The United States needs to step up its aid to Ukraine, and impose more sanctions on Putin’s regime—and it needs to do so with or without Europe.

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The Battle for Ukraine
Putin’s Real Target: Democracy in Russia and Beyond

Vladimir Putin considers stable, prosperous, rule-of-law democracies along Russia’s border as a threat because of what they represent: the possibility of an alternative to autocratic rule in Russia.

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