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Crisis in Ukraine
The End of Russia’s Isolation

The United States needs to step up its aid to Ukraine, and impose more sanctions on Putin’s regime—and it needs to do so with or without Europe.

Published on: June 11, 2014
David J. Kramer and Arch Puddington are president and vice president for research, respectively, at Freedom House.
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  • So that Putin and Russians will become whores of Jewish and homo supremacists as in America and UK? No thank you.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Crimea, and the Ukraine have a long and complex history. It is the story of the Rus. Europe spent 500,000 lives fighting in the Crimea. It will spend no more.

    That America should go to war to control the government of Crimea, or the entire Ukraine for that matter, is a non-starter.

    Putin has learned to use democracy and referendums as weapons of war. Obama has no response capability to that strategy. Putin has already won, Obama lost. It is time to suck it up and move on.

    • johngbarker

      Providing weapons so a country can defend itself is not going to war. What will be the consequences our inaction?

      • ShadrachSmith

        Who wants to supply arms to the Ukrainian army? That isn’t an option for anybody.

        What are the consequences of our inaction? The southern border of Russia will be adjusted through a series of popular referendums along the new border. Or, we could go to war.

        • caap02

          Actually, supplying arms to Ukraine IS an option….it’s just one that you, for some reason (although I have my suspicion about what your reasons are), are not willing to consider.

          • ShadrachSmith

            Actually, supplying arms to Ukraine is not an option because nobody who has arms to supply is will willing to give them to Ukraine. Really 🙂

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