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Lessons from History
Lessons from History
Breaking at NYT: Communists Were Anti-American Soviet Tools

It will be interesting to read the pieces that come out 25 to 50 years too late as the august Gray Lady awakens to other important news.

Lessons from History
This Fourth of July, Remember the Seventh of March

Daniel Webster’s poignant brief for a Republic threatened with dismemberment just two generations after its founding.

Lessons from History
NYT Worries: Babies from Poor Mothers Are Expensive

The roots of the birth control movement in eugenics is one of the dirty secrets of modern progressivism.

Lessons from History
Donald Trump’s New World Order

What a Kissinger-inspired strategy might look like.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
right-wing PC

As a minority, and a minority that historically has often been unpopular, Jews have a structural interest in the protection of minority rights.

Petrostates in Peril

Economic growth is predictably sluggish for petrostates.

American Balkanization

Pew data point to one of the core ironies of liberal politics today.

Rage Against the Machine

The Palestinians want international sympathy. But rioting over metal detectors after a terrorist attack seems more likely to draw international contempt.


A Schlumberger surge is a good sign for the health of the U.S. shale industry.

The Mueller Effect

Could it be that the President is less worried about the probe of his Russia dealings than about a general investigation with no set limits?

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