Niall Ferguson
Lessons from History
Donald Trump’s New World Order

What a Kissinger-inspired strategy might look like.

Political Economy & The State
Networks and Hierarchies

Has political hierarchy in the form of the state met its match in today’s networked world?

Just Imagine

Barack Obama is a symbol—a truly inspiring example of what a half-African, half-American man can achieve in the United States. He is also a gifted orator, if a little over-reliant on the teleprompter. Into the bargain, he is a streetwise Chicago politician who outsmarted Hillary Clinton in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination. Above […]

What “Chimerica” Hath Wrought

Those who see America’s nadir in the current economic crisis are shortsighted.

Nothing Special

What are the sources of the American image around the world? How has it changed in recent years? And what, if anything, can the U.S. government do to shape that image? The American Interest posed these questions to a distinguished group of international observers. Their answers reflect diverse histories and circumstances, and offer some useful […]

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