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Kleptocracy Watch
Kleptocracy Watch
Dirty Foreign Money’s Existential Threat to Democracy

Cultivating corrupt political proxies in order to sow chaos in the West is a game as old as the Comintern itself. But a set of technological, social, political, and above all financial innovations have made the old playbook much more effective.

Kleptocracy Watch
How to Succeed in Conflict Without Really Trying

South Sudan’s leaders have massively profited from war, a watchdog report finds. Sanctions are an option, but without a well thought out full spectrum plan accompanying them, may not lead to good things.

Kleptocracy Watch
How Not to Steal an Election: Gabon Edition

A memo to dictators: if you’re going to steal an election, don’t let them see you sweat.

Kleptocracy Watch
Blaming Singapore Will Not Solve Malaysia’s Problems

As the 1MDB scandal rolls on, a popular ex-PM points the finger at Singapore. He’d do better to look in the mirror.

Kleptocracy Watch
In Russia, Survival of the Most Corrupt

The U.S. should do more to let Russian pensioners know the Kremlin is too busy doling out billions to Putin and his buddies to give a damn about their welfare.

Kleptocracy Watch
Clean Up the UN

The ‘international space’ is poorly governed, and the press doesn’t watch it as closely as it watches national politics.

Kleptocracy Watch
The Moral Crisis Behind Deutsche Bank’s Russia Scandal

The decline in the willingness of large German companies to observe basic standards of business ethics point toward a moral, rather than merely an institutional, crisis.

Kleptocracy Watch
Letter from Montenegro: Organized Crime’s State of Play

Although Montenegro seeks NATO membership in 2016, concerns linger regarding the tiny Adriatic state’s will to fight endemic organized crime and corruption.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

The decision to extend production cuts was as predictable as it was desperate.

deep state

The Manchester leaks are the product of a dangerously arrogant and unaccountable intelligence community.

Better Late Than Never

More, please.


The share of people who benefit from the stock market should be widening, not contracting.

Market Failure

The EU’s ailing Emissions Trading System is looking more useless than ever before.

Settled Science

Our worst-case climate scenarios are relying on outdated, incorrect coal data.

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