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Blaming Singapore Will Not Solve Malaysia’s Problems
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  • dhusker

    This post misses Mahathir’s position on the 1MDB scandal. Mahathir, in no way is saying Singapore is responsible for the scandal, he has placed the blame squarely on Prime Minister Najib and UMNO for that. He is merely pointing out that he doesn’t believe that Singapore has moved effectively and transparently enough against those involved in the 1MDB scandal. This is probably an accurate assessment of Singapore’s action as they have a delicate balance to maintain in their relationship with the Malaysian government which is inseparable from UMNO and PM Najib, and protecting their reputation as a quality financial center. If Singapore is too public and too punitive in naming names in the Malaysian government and in revealing all of the money laundering tied to Malaysia, they are liable to upset one of their most important relationships in the region

    This post does, however, make a great point that the conversation’s focus should include the NEP. However, the NEP doesn’t fully account for the highly undemocratic practices and lack of electoral transparency that has plagued Malaysia. To stay in power, UMNO has relied on heavy gerrymandering and propaganda in the school systems including a conveniently edited history curriculum.

    Lastly, the post misses the point that Mahathir himself was responsible for creating the NEP and for playing up racial tensions to stay in power. In many ways, the UMNO of today and PM Najib are playing by Mahathir’s playbook.

  • Ernie Musicman

    I don’t agree with Dr. M often, but he has a point…why is RBS Coutes and other (offshore) ‘wealth management’ firms allowed to operate in Singapore with such impunity from international money laundering laws? Apparently moving stolen money around in this case, one of their accounts (Good Star) was used as a slush fund and cut-out by one of the principle actors in the 1MDB scam, Jho Low.
    What other stolen money has wound up through these firms, located not just in Singapore, but NYC, London, Geneva, Zurich and a whole host of other cities?

  • Josephbleau

    Blame, Swiss with gold Nazi jew teeth, or French with Haiti Sugar, or Mao with forced labor,or Vikings with stolen Irish slaves, or Muselmems with Circassian slave Girl harems. Who is truly to blame.

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