Rising Sun in the New West

For more than a century, Japan has pioneered global political trends. That it is now gravitating, truly for the first time, towards a revitalizing democratic West speaks volumes.

Peace Prize Follies

The Nobel Peace Prize has a checkered history, to put it mildly. Here’s why.

Our Polarizing Culture: A Conversation with Charles Murray

The galvanizing and controversial author of Coming Apart discusses reactions to his latest work and defends the libertarian perspective.

The Once and Future Dollar

The reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar, for good and for ill, will erode neither quickly nor dramatically. But change it will.

Underwater Recession

The Fed’s post-September 2008 monetary policy hasn’t worked as usual to stimulate a recovery. The reason lies in the unprecedented depths of the housing collapse. Conclusion: The United States must export its way to robust growth, as other countries have done.

The Population Boon

Common knowledge about the relationship between demographic pressures and economics is commonly wrong. Under current, and especially future, social and technological circumstances, the more people the better.

China’s Corporate Leninism

The stakeholder model of China’s full integration into the current liberal global order fails to reckon with the worldview and political interests of the Chinese Communist Party.

Behind the Mountains

Seen from Kazakhstan, China looms as a change-maker and a potential big problem. Pro-Russian sentiment in Central Asia is thus more than just nostalgia.

Nice Things about Detroit

It’s not easy to find a silver lining in Detroit’s dramatic decline, but some intrepid optimists still battle the storm.

All That Money Can Be

A little economic history goes a long way to show how money and debt interact. The Tea Party movement may have strange ideas about public policy, but its instincts on basics are not that far off the mark.

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