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How the West Was Saved

Michael Mandelbaum

The Marshall Plan has a good claim to being the most successful diplomatic initiative that the United States has ever undertaken—and Benn Steil’s new book only strengthens the case.

Atonement as Activism

John McWhorter

Today’s consciousness-raising on race is less about helping black people than it is about white people seeking grace.

Cell Phones as Cigarettes

Diane Francis

Smartphones are every bit as annoying, addictive, and dangerous to our health as are cigarettes—and the second-hand consequences are alarming.

The Future of Political Parties in Three Movements

Bruce E. Cain

Assuming that the current political situation reflects something deeper about our current politics, what will our democracy look like in the future?

The “Libya Model”

Adam Garfinkle

So exactly what “Libya Model” did John Bolton have in mind?

Malaysia’s Democratic Breakthrough

Larry Diamond

“At a time when democracy is in retreat around the world, I hope that the people of Malaysia have given some hope to people around the world clamouring for their own freedom.”

—Anwar Ibrahim, May 15, 2018

The Top 14 Causes of Political Polarization

David Blankenhorn

Why we can’t stand each other, explained.

America the Erratic

Damir Marusic

Trump quitting the Iran Deal illustrates how foreign policy decision-making fundamentally changed after 2008.

The Meaning of Withdrawal

Adam Garfinkle

Seven key questions to ask about Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Deal.

Social Justice as Distributive Justice

Richard Thompson Ford

It’s messy and open ended, like politics, where even well justified policies often involve some moral arbitrariness.

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