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Beware the Russian Elephant

Peter Pomerantsev

As the West considers how to respond to the Kremlin’s use of bots, trolls, fake news, and hacks as tools of foreign policy, the way we describe things will define whether we prevail.

The Primary Problem

Bruce E. Cain

Primaries encourage polarization and lock politicians into a cycle of overpromising and underdelivering. Is there a better way?

Make Conservatism Moderate Again

Dalibor Rohac

Today’s right-wing radicalism sits ill with the central tenets of conservatism. Conservatives would do well to rediscover the virtues of prudence, humility, and moderation.

Lyricism as Poetry in 21st-Century America

Adam Garfinkle

Song lyrics as the gateway to an appreciation of poetry.

How to Reverse the Degradation of Our Politics

Larry Diamond

To fix democracy globally, we must first address toxic partisanship and polarization here at home. A promising electoral experiment in Maine might show the way.

The 1,002nd Arabian Night?

Adam Garfinkle

Mohammed bin Salman’s coup from above may have an even more profound impact on the region than the rise of ISIS.

The Not-So-Magic Kingdom

Martha Bayles

Disney is hardly alone in groveling before the gates of the Middle Kingdom.

Donald Trump and the Future of U.S. Power

Josef Joffe

The President underestimates the unique genius of postwar American grand strategy: that by serving others’ interests, the United States has also served its own.

Shine On: The Balfour Declaration at 100

Adam Garfinkle

Anniversaries are fertile ground for historical distortions. So how should we understand today’s centenary of the Balfour Declaration?

The End of Liberalism?

Damir Marusic

Democracy is doing just fine at this populist moment. Liberalism, however, is being destroyed by its most fervent supporters.

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