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Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Bureaucratic Bloat Is Eating Away at the American Education System

Americans are spending more and more on education, but those investments are delivering ever-more measly returns.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
The Trouble with Infrastructure

Making America’s infrastructure great again will take more than political will and money.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Leaked DC Metro Budget Raises Fares, Cuts Service

Is Metro in a slow spiral to obsolescence?

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Is the Second Avenue Subway Behind Schedule?

An expert working on the project cautions the MTA may miss its next deadline.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
California Scales Back High-Speed Rail Plans Again

Déjà vu all over again.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
The Sorry, Dangerous State of NJ Transit

Christie is right to see waste in infrastructure, but his strategy for combatting it isn’t working.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Twice the Price for Half the Speed

The Acela is yet another case study in why U.S. infrastructure is so bad.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Pensions Consuming State Infrastructure Budgets

Despite historically low interest rates, state and local investment in infrastructure is flagging.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Trump Calls for $500 Billion Infrastructure Stimulus

But he (like Clinton) would do nothing to address the fact that U.S. infrastructure is too expensive and too shoddily-constructed.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure Isn’t Just About the Money

Today’s arguments for infrastructure investments could as easily have been made—and indeed were made—every year since the recession. Why would they be more persuasive now?

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
demographic transformation

The millennial urban boom may be coming to a close. This could have major consequences for America’s politics and geography.

No, probably not. But President Trump may have trouble lifting them in the first place.

Delivering on Promises

TPP, NAFTA, and a special deal with the UK: Trump’s first week will be a busy one.

WRM in the WSJ

Eliot Cohen’s new book presents a nuanced and compelling defense of hard power.


Regular readers know the answer: not very effective at all.

Horn of Africa

…and that may not be such a bad thing.

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