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Why We Can't Have Nice Things
The Trouble with Infrastructure
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  • Jim__L

    “pitting the Democrats’ self-interest against the need to safeguard the welfare of the country’s political institutions.”

    You’re just now twigging to the fact that what is good for the Democrats is typically bad for the country’s political institutions, and vice versa?

    • Disappeared4x

      many of us are still cheering the day DJTrump completed Central Park’s ice skating rink, after all those delays due to whatever excuses the City of New York came up with. More recently, DJT finished the golf course finally built on illegal trash-dumping ground in The Bronx. Spectacular skyline view of Manhattan from that golf course.

      How did Trump renovate the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Ave into a hotel, under budget and a year ahead of schedule? Just assuming there were many regulatory hurdles with a landmark…

      Probably enough pipelines, and freight railroads, and bridges to get started…

      There IS a deep reservoir of Human Capital on Wall Street that knows how to finance New York’s mountains of debt incurred by infrastructure. Just need a revenue stream to pay the interest: the mountains of debt are in endless refis.

      America has too many lawyers, not enough builders.

  • Fat_Man

    Sort of amusing to hear this from the people who accused Republicans of reflexive opposition to everything Obama did.

    • Jim__L

      I wonder how many of them realize we just elected someone whose job experience is primarily in large-scale construction projects?

  • Tom_Holsinger

    Everything takes longer and costs more – somebody’s law.

  • vepxistqaosani

    Because I remember Obama’s stimulus, I will support any infrastructure plan, no matter how much it costs, so long as not a single penny of it goes to any lawyer, any bureaucrat, or any “activist”.

  • mhw

    I did infrastructure for many years. HZC is mostly correct in depicting the multi year implementation time of major projects. Some projects however which do not require ROW taking or stream crossings or various environmental features can be implemented quickly. Interestingly, one of these is construction of the wall at the border. Another is purchase of buses. Another is the paving of highway shoulders that are currently gravel or graded earth.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The Trump idea, as I understand it, is to attract back home the offshore cash of American companies and individuals by giving away most of the taxation on its repatriation, then issue bonds with attractive returns in either interest rates or tax credits as offsets on other taxable income to try to get that same cash lent to infrastructure projects, then charge tolls for the use of the new infrastructure to pay back the bonds. If this is how it goes, then the current owners of the offshore cash are treated exceedingly well with respect to both the “past” of their money and the “future” of their money. The toll payers will probably never even know what happened.

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