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Episode 150: Superbugs and Putin’s Russia

On this week’s episode, host Richard Aldous speaks with Ilya Yashin and Kadiyali Srivatsa.

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Episode 149: What Soft Power Can and Cannot Do

On the first episode of 2017, host Richard Aldous welcomes Eliot Cohen back to the program to discuss his new book, The Big Stick: The Limits of Soft Power and the Necessity of Military Force.

Episode 148: Will Trump Channel Kissinger?

On this week’s episode Niall Ferguson joins our host Richard Aldous to discuss what a Kissinger-inspired Trump foreign policy strategy might look like.

Episode 147: Can Trump Make Global Deals?

On this week’s episode, host Richard Aldous speaks with Philip Zelikow about American foreign policy under Trump.

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Episode 146: Sustaining American Grand Strategy

On this week’s episode, our host, Richard Aldous, welcomes Hal Brands to the show to talk about American grand strategy.

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Episode 145: Francis Fukuyama on Donald Trump

On this week’s episode, host Richard Aldous invites Francis Fukuyama back to the program to discuss—who else?—Donald Trump.

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Episode 144: What to Expect from President Trump

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous discusses what we can expect from a Trump Administration with Josef Joffe and Michael Mandelbaum.

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Episode 143: The Trump Transition and Academia’s New Challenge

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous speaks with Eliot A. Cohen about the challenges of Trump’s transition before discussing the task ahead for liberal college campuses over the next four years with Artemis Seaford.

Episode 142: Donald Ascendant

On this week’s episode, host Richard Aldous discusses the election of Donald J. Trump with Walter Russell Mead.

Episode 141: Ragtime and Kleptocrats

On this week’s episode host Richard Aldous speaks with Ben Judah about the nefarious global threat of kleptocracy, before discussing Scott Joplin’s musical legacy with John McWhorter.

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Asia's Game of Thrones

The Trump Administration is likely to comply.

demographic transformation

The millennial urban boom may be coming to a close. This could have major consequences for America’s politics and geography.

A Heavy Lift

No, probably not. But President Trump may have trouble lifting them in the first place.

Delivering on Promises

TPP, NAFTA, and a special deal with the UK: Trump’s first week will be a busy one.

WRM in the WSJ

Eliot Cohen’s new book presents a nuanced and compelling defense of hard power.


Regular readers know the answer: not very effective at all.

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