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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
August 1, 2014
In Their Own Words

Hamas’ Too Little-Known Fascist Charter

As the Gaza conflict rolls on, the Western press has virtually ignored Hamas’s 1988 “Covenant,” which precisely details the terror group’s radical anti-Semitism and intellectual debt to Nazi ideology.

What Rankles Russia

Putin’s Energy Weapon Cuts Both Ways

Russia’s over-reliance on oil and gas exports for its budget revenues makes it vulnerable to the ups and downs of energy markets.

July 31, 2014
Prices Prices Prices

The U.S. Health Care System: The Global Sugar Daddy

A burgeoning controversy over an especially expensive new drug highlights how much the U.S. underwrites medical innovation for the whole world. Somehow, that never seems to make it into popular conversations about how inferior our system is.

The Great Inequality Debate

The “Mormon Solution” to Poverty?

Religious affiliation can do a lot to instill habits that prevent poverty and inequality. Realizing this allows us to offer a more holistic account of poverty and its possible solutions.

Sea Change

India Playing Nicer with Neighbors Than China

India recently dropped a disputed claim to waters along its border with Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal. Both countries hope that resolving the dispute will jump-start oil and gas development in the region.

Out of Gas

Poland Is Singing the Shale Blues

Poland wants to frack, but Mother Nature isn’t complying. Warsaw is one of the few in Europe to see the value of shale, but technical difficulties and a byzantine regulatory environment have scuppered its ambitions thus far.

Don't Cry to Me Argentina

Argentina Defaults—Sort Of

Argentina defaulted after last-minute talks broke down last night, though the market seems poised to give them a second chance. But can Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner take advantage of it?

Blue Model Death Spasms

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules for Walker

The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a controversial collective bargaining law as constitutional, completing and sealing Governor Scott Walker’s momentous victory over public sector unions.

The Oldest Hatred

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Europe Has an Anti-Semite Problem

Bernard-Henri Levy writes that the selective outrage of Europeans at the actions of Israel—and their silence over the atrocities of Assad and Hamas—reveals that old, dark force at work: anti-Semitism.

Reforming Delivery

The One-Stop-Shop School

Republicans and Democrats are backing a new “community school” model, in which public and private services are delivered to lower-income students at their schools. If advocates are right that it can raise both student performance and quality of life, this could a good post-blue idea for reforming government service delivery.

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