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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
September 29, 2014
European Economy

Economic Eeyores in Europe

Europeans’ confidence in the present and future strength of their economy has tanked, both as a function of the fallout from the crisis in Ukraine and from the news of stagnant Eurozone growth last quarter.


Episode 34: What Higher Ed Gets Wrong and a Sell for Soft Diplomacy

This week, we invite two professors on the show, one to discuss the state of higher education, and the other to outline a controversial strategy for dealing with an ever more pugnacious Putin.

Hail Shale

America About to Dethrone Saudi Arabia as Liquid Petroleum King

The United States looks ready to surpass Saudi Arabia as the number one producer of liquid petroleum for the first time in some 23 years. Who saw this coming?

The God Wars

“Filthy French” Muslims Raise Voices Against ISIS

After an ISIS ally in Algeria released a video of the beheading of a French national, French Muslims have gone into high gear in condemning ISIS. This is the best way to dissuade those sympathetic to ISIS and to forestall a backlash against ordinary Muslims.

Single Payer Pivot

Swiss Reject Single-Payer Health Care

On Sunday, Swiss voters handily rejected a proposal to scrap their private health care system in favor of a single-payer scheme. The defense offered of the current system seems sound in general, though it didn’t take rising costs seriously enough.

Frack Attack

Shale Productivity Shows No Signs of Slowing

Drilling productivity in Texas’s Eagle Ford formation continues to improve, as drillers perfect their techniques and get more oil out of every well.

Europe's Secessionists

As Scottish Crisis Recedes, Catalonian Crisis Gets Worse

The President of the regional Catalan government has formally called a regional secession referendum for November. The Spanish government vows to stop the vote from happening, putting the two sides on a potentially explosive collision course.

Ask Adam Anything

Tune in to Adam Garfinkle’s AMA Tomorrow

TAI editor Adam Garfinkle will be conducting an Ask Me Anything—a crowd-sourced interview hosted on the website reddit—tomorrow at 2 p.m. EDT. Start thinking of questions you’d like to ask him about the Syrian conflict now!

Modi's Debut

Will the U.S. Pivot to India?

Modi’s speech at the UN points to a marked convergence of U.S. and Indian interests.

Modern Realities

The Stakes for China in Hong Kong

Can Beijing figure out what it takes to govern an increasingly sophisticated and affluent country in the 21st century? Or is it stuck in a dualistic mindset, where it feels it has no alternatives other than ugly repression or destabilizing capitulation?

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