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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
September 22, 2014
Yemen Conflict

Yemen’s Houthis Join the Government at Gunpoint

Yemen’s government has agreed to share power with the Houthis. Iran pulls off another victory in the region at the expense of Saudi Arabia and the United States.


Modi to Slash Through Red Tape of “License Raj”

Indian PM Narendra Modi is pursuing a broad campaign to cut back the country’s “license raj,” which stifles business with reams of rules and regulations. It may be a promising start, but Modi has much bigger challenges to face in revitalizing India’s economy.

The Middle East

A Generational Challenge

President Obama’s plan for dealing with ISIS is a step in the right direction, albeit one that doesn’t go far enough. That’s because ISIS is the symptom and immediate threat, not the primary problem.

Medical Malpractice

“Drive-By Doctoring” Saddles Patients with Unexpected Costs

Hospital and doctors are responding to cuts in reimbursement rates by loading patients down with surprise out-of-network charges, often unnecessarily. Price transparency is a first step towards empowering the consumer to fight back.

China's Climate Conundrums

The Chinese Elephant in the Climate Treaty Room

China now emits more carbon pollution per capita than the EU—a first in climate history. Though unrelated domestic developments may reduce some of the country’s emissions, a global climate treaty remains as quixotic as ever.

Weighing the ACA

The Irrelevance of the Affordable Care Act

A year after its launch, the ACA’s success in expanding coverage is mixed—and its effectiveness in controlling costs and increasing transparency even more so. New services and innovations unrelated to the law, however, offer some hope of a better way forward.

Revisionism 101

China and Iran Telegraph Disdain

A Chinese guided-missile destroyer stopped off at an Iranian port for a “friendly visit.” This is what revisionist powers testing the limits of acceptable behavior look like.

Protests With Meaning

In Moscow, a Show of Real Courage and Clarity

In stark contrast to this weekend’s Green festivities, an important demonstration took place in Moscow on Sunday, bringing 20,000 to the streets to protest Vladimir Putin’s policies in Ukraine.

September 21, 2014
Settled Science

The Most Futile March Ever

A loud Green march in New York City today drowned out an important essay on the unsettled nature of climate science in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal by a former Obama Administration official. We wish the activists had kept their carbon footprint lower by staying at home and grappling with the essay’s contents rather than traipsing to New York City for political theater.

The Weekend Read

Is America Coming Apart?

When the President speaks of American exceptionalism, conservatives disbelieve him, insisting that he does not really love America. Liberals, on the other hand, cringe, embarrassed to hear an American President puff up his chest with American hubris, suggesting that America is specially and God-chosen to lead the free world. But there is another reaction, that simply argues that whether American exceptionalism was once a force for good or for evil, it is disappearing.

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