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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
July 31, 2014
Reforming Delivery

The One-Stop-Shop School

Republicans and Democrats are backing a new “community school” model, in which public and private services are delivered to lower-income students at their schools. If advocates are right that it can raise both student performance and quality of life, this could a good post-blue idea for reforming government service delivery.

July 30, 2014
No Shale For You

Sanctions on Russian Energy Walk a Fine Line

The U.S. and Europe have finally imposed sanctions against Russian energy interests, a measure Europe has been especially hesitant to take over energy security concerns. Policymakers hope that by targeting high-tech shale segments of the industry, the West can dim Russia’s energy future without endangering Europe’s present.

Reforming Delivery

De Blasio Brings Common Sense to NYC Health Care?

To save on health costs for municipal labor, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is pushing sensible reforms of health care service delivery.

The Purge

Xi’s Party Purge Sets Sights on Shanghai

Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign is an old-school Communist Party purge. Now that it has taken down China’s biggest “tiger,” Xi is shifting attention to Shanghai, the richest city in the country.

Putin's Mini-Me

Hungarian PM: Just Say No to Liberal Democracy

The totalitarian temptation is alive and well in Hungary, with Viktor Orbán proudly renouncing liberal democracy in a speech over the weekend.

ACA Fail Fractal

CA Premiums Spike by as Much as 88 Percent

California’s insurance commissioner claims that ACA premiums have spiked by as much as 88 percent in his state. The ACA may be insuring more people, but a broader view of its effects presents a much less pretty picture.

Out of Bounds

Kurdish Oil Tanker Escapes Texas Justice

A tanker loaded with Kurdish crude is floating far enough off the coast of Galveston to be outside the jurisdiction of the Texas court that ordered its cargo seized yesterday.

Autonomous Automobiles

UK Approves Tests of Driverless Cars

OK Google, drive me to work. The UK approves road tests for driverless cars, with full legalization possible in three years or less.

Some Thoughts On Natural Law

A Vatican Work Sheet

It is believed by many that the only alternative to natural law is moral relativism. This a misleading idea. One may acknowledge the empirical fact that all moral judgments are relative in that they are determined by location in time and place. Nevertheless, this does not mean that moral judgments cannot themselves attain a certainty which surpasses science itself.

Lessons Not Learned

Europeans Ignoring History, Paying al-QaedaGeld

By paying ransoms for its kidnapped citizens, several EU countries have become a major source of financing for al-Qaeda. These countries have also put their own citizens at greater risk of kidnapping.

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