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April 18, 2014
Go Go GMOs

The GMO That Could Prevent Heart Disease and Save Fish

A new genetically modified plant could boost human health and relieve the strain on the oceans’ natural resources. That is, if the greens don’t kill it first.

Thailand In Turmoil

Protest Rallies Erupt in Bangkok as PM Clings to Power

As two courts mull cases that could throw the Prime Minister out of office, Bangkok is again on the edge. The prospect of history repeating itself is dangerously likely.

Fixing the Schools

Teacher Tenure on Trial

Two lawsuits in California and North Carolina suggest that teacher tenure reform could be the next big education policy fight.

ACA Revisionism

Obamacare Invictus?

ACA cheerleaders are using a new enrollment figure to go on the offensive against the law’s opponents. However, all they’ve done is move the goalposts so that Obamacare can score more easily.

Deadly Disease

MERS Virus Moves toward Southeast Asia

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome surfaces in South Asia. One man has died so far, another case been reported, and fears of a SARS-style panic may not be far behind.

Game of Thrones

Japan Sending Soldiers to Its Closest Island to China

Japan will install a military outpost on a small island close to Taiwan in order to keep watch over China’s maritime maneuvers in the East China Sea.

So Much for the Pivot

Pivot to Asia? More Like Stuck in Place

The President’s traveling to Asia to convince America’s allies in the region that he’s still committed to them. After a series of foreign policy distractions like Ukraine and a few flubs on trade, that will be a hard sell.

Sacre Bleu Model

Can the Left Govern?

A randy, left-of-center President pivots to the center after suffering a humiliating defeat in a midterm election. Bill Clinton in 1994…French President François Hollande in 2014, with his pick of the hard Left’s bête noire, Manuel Valls, as Prime Minister.

The New Adulthood

Adults Shun Suburbs for Playground Cities

We finally have hard data showing young adults staying with city life well into their thirties. Extended adolescence keeps getting longer.

Detroit Bailout?

Detroit Angling for More Federal Money

Detroit’s unions are looking for a way to get federal money earmarked for distressed homebuyers to go to fixing pensions instead.

April 17, 2014
Rising Persecution

Anti-Semitism Emerges Amid Ukraine Turmoil

Jews in Ukraine are being told to register with the new authorities—”or else.”

Whac-A-Mole in Cali

Colombia’s Protean Drug War

Past victories against Colombia’s narco-businesses have shifted trafficking patterns within and across borders. Now resurgent violence and shadowy new drug lords have returned to threaten the country’s newfound prosperity.

Winter for Higher-Ed

Maryland Puts Up Roadblocks to Online Ed

Maryland demands more money from distance education programs that enroll students in Maryland. The state is protecting its own online education outfit at the expense of students, chasing away competitors that may offer cheaper, better programs.

Both Sides Of The Mouth

Russia Signs Agreement While Putin Talks Empire to Russian Audience

On the one hand, there’s good news about some kind of deal that prevents a bad situation in Ukraine from getting worse. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin seems to have Russian empire on his mind.

Prices Prices Prices

Price Transparency Coming to US Health Care?

Public pressure is mounting on the health care industry to get serious about price transparency.

Homeschool Reform

More Vouchers for Homeschoolers in Arizona?

Arizona is the first state in the nation to offer vouchers to homeschoolers. Today, the state House of Representatives will decide whether or not to expand the program to include thousands more students.

Uber Alles? Nein!

Berlin Kicks Uber to the Curb

Europe’s disgruntled taxi drivers are trying to beat Uber in the courts because they are losing in the marketplace. Berlin is the latest European city to crack down on the start-up, and has banned it entirely.

The Dragon Awakes

Purging Rivals, Xi Dreams of a More Muscular China

China’s President is attempting to purge rivals and promote like-minded officials in hopes of realizing his dream of a more muscular and assertive China. Will he get his way, or has he already gone too far?

Bankrupt Healthcare

Doctors Are Becoming Suicidal and Depressed

Hemmed in by a perverse system, poor policy choices, and outdated guild practices, doctors are in the dumps.

Down with Emissions

US Getting Greener, No Thanks to Greens

The EPA reports that U.S. emissions fell by 3.4 percent from 2011 to 2012, and that emissions have dropped a stunning 10 percent since 2005. The chief driver of these emissions reductions: America’s new glut of shale gas.

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