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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Blue Civil War

The Asian American community is quietly growing more and more dissatisfied with the convoluted admissions regime at America’s elite colleges.

Not Over Yet

The Taliban appear to have the momentum, even if they ultimately lose this battle for the city.

Battle for Ukraine

European leaders appear satisfied with Russia’s willingness to conclude some kind of peace in Ukraine.

Greeks Bearing Debts

The scale of the culture challenge should not be underestimated by Europhiles.

South China Sea Standoff

Maybe last week’s Xi–Obama meeting didn’t go so well after all.

A Man A Plan A Canal

As growth in China slows, expect infrastructure projects across the globe to be suspended.

Putin, Obama and the Middle East
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Strategy and Tactics
President Obama may not have a coherent strategy. But maybe it’s too soon to judge with confidence how the end result of his policies might play out, in the Middle East, or in the world at large.
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The Middle East
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Cyrenaica and Tripolitania Redux
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What Good Is Liberal Education?
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