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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
September 20, 2014
Game of Thrones

In Taiwan, Some Love for Japan

The Taiwanese people are surprisingly fond of Japan nowadays, while Taiwan’s ex-President has voiced his approval of Japan’s recent move towards increased militarism. This could be big news for Asian geopolitics.

Scientific Stagnation

Training Up Biomedical PhDs For…Nothing

Only 15 percent of biomedical postdoctoral fellows will get jobs in the fields in which they are being trained. At the same time, funding for research is drying up and the pace of progress in the field is slowing. If these are all related, it’s time to re-think how we are investing in the future.

The History Wars

Texas Rejects New AP US History Framework

The AP U.S. History test’s largest customer says “no thanks” to the controversial recent revisions.

Xi's Crackdown

Xi Who Must Be Obeyed

President Xi is becoming the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao’s death. His most effective tools: selectively prosecuting foreign firms and the corrupt Chinese officials they bribe.

September 19, 2014
Poroshenko Goes to Washington

US to Ukraine: Good Luck, and Have a Nice Day

The Ukrainian President’s pleas for arms and a special ally status before Congress have been rebuffed by the Obama Administration. By making it so obvious that his ultimate priority is avoiding a U.S.-Russia confrontation, the President may actually make conflict more likely.

Shia-Sunni War

Yemen Heading Toward the Abyss of Sectarian War

The Houthi rebel group is marching on Sana’a. Their gains, with Iranian backing, are rapidly turning Yemen into a new front of the Shia-Sunni wars.

Death on the March

Ebola Panic: Guinean Health Officials Slain, Sierra Leone Shuts Down

Efforts to fight Ebola, tragically, tend to undermine the social trust that is so vital to containing the disease.

Too Green to be True

China “Bans” Low-Quality Coal

Beijing announced a ban on low-grade, high-polluting coal earlier this week, but reports have emerged suggesting that power plants will be exempt from the new restrictions.

The One Certainty

How to Plan Better for Death

The Institute of Medicine has released a new report looking to fix end-of-life care through smarter Medicare reimbursements. But our reluctance to talk about death and dying works against advance planning, and that will be hard to overcome.

Messing with Putin

On Putin and Oligarchs

The arrest of Russian oil baron Vladimir Yevtushenkov tells us that, sanctions notwithstanding, Putin remains firmly in control of Russia’s oligarch class.

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