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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
July 28, 2014
Testing the Waters

China Schedules Another ‘Routine’ Naval Drill

Nothing to see here. As the world burns and the West is transfixed by events in Ukraine and the Middle East, Chinese leaders quietly continue to test how far they can push things without eliciting a response.

Crisis in Ukraine

Finlandization Is Not a Solution for Ukraine

The term “Finlandization” is making a comeback as a proposed remedy for Ukraine’s delicate position between East and West. A look back at Finland’s postwar experience shows us why this is a bad idea.


July 27, 2014
New Commutarianism

The Upsides of Living with Your Parents

A recent Pew study finds that more young adults than ever before are living with their parents or grandparents. That has only deepened concerns about millennials’ economic prospects, but multigenerational households have significant advantages as well.

Weekly Roundup

Schrödinger’s Bank, Middle-Class Myopia, and the Fruits of “Smart Diplomacy”

Good afternoon, TAI readers! We trust you’re enjoying what’s left of your weekend. As you gear up for the week ahead, take the time to look back on what you may have missed on the site over the week behind:

The Weekend Read

A Sport of Nature

A Sport of Nature offers is a fictional meditation on the power of spontaneity in politics. It stands for the idea that no matter how dark the world the light of the human spirit can and will shine forth to bring a new day.


The Ups and Downs of German Green Energy

Germany is paying its utilities record amounts to help balance out its increasingly volatile energy market, the result of the country’s green energy policy.

The World Ignites

Is the Middle East Fighting a New Thirty Years War?

The West is weary of war in the Middle East—but what about those who are fighting it? This could be just the beginning.

July 26, 2014
Higher Ed Transformation

A Temp Agency for Academics

Community colleges in Michigan are venturing into forbidden territory: outsourcing the hiring of non-tenure professors. While faculty critics condemn the move as one that will undermine educational goals, this is a trend that might take off.

Libya on Fire

As Libya Implodes, “Smart Diplomacy” Becoming a Punch Line

The United States is pulling embassy staff out of Tripoli, and has issued a travel advisory that outlines in harrowing detail what a nightmare Libya has become. If Obama were a Republican, the press coverage of this stinking corpse of a policy flub would be quite different.

pentecostal power

Is Christian Zionism Flowering in Brazil?

A Pentecostal church in Brazil has built a gigantic replica of Solomon’s Temple. The new building is the most visible sign of the growing power and influence of pro-Jewish Christian bodies in the country.

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