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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
October 30, 2014
ACA Agonistes

Polls Reveal a Muddled Middle On Health Care

A review of 27 opinion polls on the ACA shows a public that likes neither the law nor the campaign to repeal it. That’s prime opportunity for politicians who can stake out some kind of middle ground—no matter how incoherent that position seems to dueling liberals and conservatives.

Bankruptcy Battle Ends

Pensions Unscathed In Stockton

The final ruling in Stockton’s bankruptcy case came down today: The city’s plan is acceptable, and its payments to CalPERS won’t be cut.


Scientists Warn Europe To End Its Luddite Anti-GMO Stance, Or Else…

Scientists are coming out in droves in favor of genetically modified organisms. This week, a prominent British research council and a group of leading plant scientists both advocated for smarter policymaking more favorable to GM research.

Political Order and Political Decay

Watch Francis Fukuyama Talk about His New Book

Here’s the video of Francis Fukuyama speaking about his new book Political Order and Political Decay yesterday at Johns Hopkins-SAIS! Be sure to catch the subsequent discussion moderated by TAI editor Adam Garfinkle.

ACA Revisionism

Taxpayers Lose as Small Businesses Drop Insurance Coverage

Small businesses are increasingly dropping health insurance for their employees, pushing those workers onto the public exchanges. That will increase the number of subsidies the federal government will issue, raising the cost of the law for the taxpayer.

Crude Economics

OPEC Makes Shaky Bet on Fragility of US Shale Boom

OPEC’s Secretary General recently claimed that U.S. shale production would be the first to feel the effects of lower oil prices, but the breakeven numbers tell a different story.

Blue Model Blues

Rhode Island’s Blue Unions Turn Red

Rhode Island’s public sector unions are so mad over Democrat Gina Raimondo’s support for pension reform that they may back Republican Alan Fung for Governor in order to send a message.

A World on Fire

What Is America’s Role in the World?

A crisis-driven foreign policy will inevitably succumb to disorientation and exhaustion. The United States needs a serious discussion about its role in the world—one that matches objectives and means.

Para Pacem

The New Strategic Alignment with Iran

As the U.S. works towards a nuclear deal with Iran and fights along with it against ISIS, the two countries seem headed towards rapprochement. But making common cause with Iran raises serious questions about U.S. strategy in the Middle East.

October 29, 2014
Cold Reality

Renewables Threaten Europe’s Energy Security This Winter

A new report warns that, thanks to renewables’ increasing market share, Europe’s energy supplies may not be able to keep up with demand this winter if temperatures plunge.

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