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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
July 25, 2014
The Gaza War

When Strategies Collide

Many wars are fought over accidents and misunderstandings. This is not one of those times. With key interests at stake, the conflict in Gaza is likely to continue.

July 24, 2014
California Schemin'

Calpers Reduces Hedge Fund Investments, Goes Gambling Elsewhere

Calpers, California’s public pension fund, is scaling back on hedge fund investments. Unfortunately, America’s pension fund managers aren’t learning the virtue of prudence, just gambling on a different game.

Media Myopia

Grey Lady Wises Up on Radical Islamist Influence in British Schools

Allegations of an Islamic takeover of UK schools proved less sensational than first reported, but a new report reveals there is cause for alarm. And it looks like the NYT is coming around to the idea that this investigation wasn’t just motivated by Islamophobia or a partisan witch hunt.

U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

It’s Not Just About Competition with China

As the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit draws near, some will undoubtedly bill it as the Obama Administration’s next move in an escalating competition with the Chinese in Africa. This oft-repeated and inaccurate platitude misrepresents both current geopolitical realities and commercial opportunities.

Pension Despair

Detroit’s Pensioners Vote in Favor of Cuts

In a court-ordered vote, Detroit’s public sector retirees have accepted the cuts inflicted by the city’s bankruptcy plan. Ultimately, this is just one part of the damage done by the city’s corrupt, one-party political machine.

annals of corruption

Cuomo Scandal Exposes NY Corruptocracy (and Gives Hillary 2016 a Boost)

The scandal gripping the Cuomo Administration is a big boost for Camp Hillary’s chances in 2016 and an ugly example of the kind of cronyism and corruption that plagues the Empire State.

Rising Persecution

Hungarian Ambassador: Jews are “Agents of Satan”

The new Hungarian Ambassador to Italy thinks Jews are “agents of Satan.” While Hungary’s government is the most overtly anti-Semitic in Europe, the hatred of Jews is on the rise throughout the continent.

Kurdistan Rising

Iraq Uses Influence to Thwart Kurdish Oil Sales

Iraq is using its influence in the international oil markets to throw up serious obstacles to Kurdish crude sales—and therefore Kurdish independence.

The Middle East

Why Is This Gaza War Different from All Other Gaza Wars?

Though there are some important differences this time around, the solution to this recurring nightmare remains the same—and remains unlikely.


Russia Wrestles with Gas Export “Liberalization”

Putin reportedly ordered the Russian government to consider ending Gazprom’s monopoly on gas exports, but a Kremlin economic adviser says the state-owned firm’s grasp on markets abroad is “unshakeable.”

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