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Let My People Go

Kuwait has a novel solution to the problem of stateless workers. But the Gulf has a long record of mistreating its labor force—which is undermining its efforts at soft power.

Where the Wind's Blowing

Sarkozy is reaching out to far-right voters, in the run-up to a Presidential election in which he’s likely to face off against Marine Le Pen.

Xi's Party Purge

Some of the details from the recent arrests of “tigers” in China’s anti-corruption purge are truly staggering. This week, China arrested a general with an actual ton of cash in his home.

A Taxing Tax Rate

At this year’s Davis Cup, it’s the Swiss vs. the Swiss-living.

Death and Taxes

The imperial IRS makes a new fan.

Europe's Paper Militaries

Less than the US, despite 230 million more citizens. A lot less.

The Case for More Congress In American Foreign Policy
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Walter Russell Mead
The United States needs to raise its game in foreign policy in today's dangerous world. Congress has to be part of the solution.
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Immigration Unilateralism
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Bury My Art at Wounded Knee
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