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Frack Attack

New York rubber-stamped a fracking ban this week, while the prospects for Pennsylvania’s shale industry darkened.

Sunni-Shi'a Conflict

Watch the Kingdom’s Shi’a minority in the provinces bordering Yemen, as the sectarian conflict heats up—with Iran’s generous help.

Modi's Reform Problem
land of the libertarian

In a sign of America’s continued trend toward libertarianism, fireworks are being legalized across the country, in red and blue states alike.

Where's the beef?

Argentinian and Brazilian beef will be for sale on U.S. markets for the first time in a decade and a half.

ACA Fail Fractal

ACA premiums appear set to spike dramatically. Obamacare may be more of an albatross around the Democratic party’s neck than a star in its crown.

After The "No" Vote, Soft Grexit Landing Now EU's Best Option
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Greeks Bearing Debts
Greece has failed the euro, and the euro has failed Greece. An exit from the euro shouldn’t mean exit from the EU, but It’s time to untangle this mess.
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On Europe & Security
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The Green Pope
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Iran's Intentions
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Humanizing the Hermit Kingdom
Humanizing the Hermit Kingdom
Humanizing the Hermit Kingdom
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