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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
July 28, 2014
Foreign Fracking

Britain Shores Up Shale Prospects

Britain is issuing new licenses for oil and gas drilling for the first time in six years. The country won’t find replicating U.S. shale success simple or easy, but this latest move is a step in the right direction.

The Syria Nightmare

US Arms Some Syrian Rebels—Too Little, Too Late?

As ISIS goes on a rampage in Syria, the US finally moves to arm some moderates. Unfortunately, it’s probably not enough to stop the coming bloodbath – or turn it to our advantage.

Satellite Safety

A New Arms Race in Space?

China tested an anti-satellite missile this week. The more threats that Beijing can pose to the military assets of potential enemies, the more costly and complicated it becomes to build defenses against China’s rise.

Running on Fumes

A Coal Bubble in China?

Nearly three out of four Chinese coal enterprises are running in the red, the result of a supply glut that points to a broader slowing of the Chinese economy.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Japanese Activism Goes Global

Japan has signed major energy deals with Colombia and Mexico, and is increasing sanctions on Russia. Japanese foreign policy is becoming increasingly active, as PM Shinzo Abe seeks to counterbalance China’s rise.


China’s Persecution of Christians May Make Them Stronger

Chinese officials are continuing with their efforts to destroy crosses and churches. But this comparatively mild persecution may help Chinese Christians in the long run.

Testing the Waters

China Schedules Another ‘Routine’ Naval Drill

Nothing to see here. As the world burns and the West is transfixed by events in Ukraine and the Middle East, Chinese leaders quietly continue to test how far they can push things without eliciting a response.

Crisis in Ukraine

Finlandization Is Not a Solution for Ukraine

The term “Finlandization” is making a comeback as a proposed remedy for Ukraine’s delicate position between East and West. A look back at Finland’s postwar experience shows us why this is a bad idea.


July 27, 2014
New Commutarianism

The Upsides of Living with Your Parents

A recent Pew study finds that more young adults than ever before are living with their parents or grandparents. That has only deepened concerns about millennials’ economic prospects, but multigenerational households have significant advantages as well.

Weekly Roundup

Schrödinger’s Bank, Middle-Class Myopia, and the Fruits of “Smart Diplomacy”

Good afternoon, TAI readers! We trust you’re enjoying what’s left of your weekend. As you gear up for the week ahead, take the time to look back on what you may have missed on the site over the week behind:

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