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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
August 21, 2014
Kiev's Future

Ukraine’s Economy Is in Meltdown

Ukraine’s economy is taking a beating from the war. If Ukraine is to build a real state if and when the conflict dies down, it needs to get its economic and political house in order.

Abortion in America

Richard Dawkins Sparks Down Syndrome Controversy

Richard Dawkins was recently forced to apologize for his recent remarks advocating abortion for babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome. But most of them are actually aborted.

Good News

Mexico Poised for a Breakout

Our southern neighbor’s struggles with drug cartels get plenty of attention, but there’s a very real success story going on in Mexico that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto highlights a number of promising reforms in a recent FT opinion piece.

ISIS' Foreign Fighters

Muslim MP: Twice as Many Muslim Brits in ISIS as in British Army

A British MP has shone a light on radicalism he says is far more pervasive than the government admits.

Commander in Chief

Obama Gets Something Right In Syria

The Administration made the right decision in refusing to pay a ransom for James Foley.

From the September/October Issue

What’s Going On

The state and the state system alike are in trouble, and the reasons may go deeper than most suspect.

The Gaza War

Hamas Coup Plot Revealed as Rockets Fly in Gaza

Revelation of a Hamas coup planned against Mahmoud Abbas and preconditions on aid may further isolate the terrorist group, even as it resumes fighting.

Global Futures

Uncharted Territory

A century after World War I, many observers wonder whether the U.S. and China are headed down a similar path to great-power war. While we must weigh that prospect seriously, we should not neglect more likely risks to global order.

August 20, 2014
Hail Shale

Refracking Ready to Rejuvenate Shale Revolution

Drillers are figuring out new ways to eke more oil and gas out of wells thought to be previously exhausted. The shale boom rolls on.

The Middle East Aflame

Infighting Deflates Hopes for Iraqi Unity Government?

Both the Kurds and the Sunnis want to press Iraq’s parliament for better treatment. Can Baghdad afford prolonged negotiations while it continues to battle the ISIS threat?

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