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April 20, 2014

BRIC Bust?

The very structural characteristics that launched the economic successes of Brazil, Russia, India, and China are now holding them back.

Prices Prices Prices

Doctors Finally Coming Around on Prices

Americans get charged a lot more than other countries for the same kind of treatment. But there are some obvious solutions already available to us.

On Second Thought

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: A Brave Soul But Should She Be Honored?

Brandeis University had good reason to select Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree. But did they also have good reason to walk back that decision?

April 19, 2014
Stayin' Alive

Americans Living Longer, But Not All Is Rosy

American life expectancy is on the rise, and many natural diseases like cancer have become less deadly. But there’s some dark spots in recent mortality data.

Coalition Wrangling

The Three Powerful Ladies Who Can Stop Narendra Modi

Their names evoke strong emotions among supporters and rivals alike—anxiety, admiration, fear. Meet the three most formidable ladies in Indian politics.

Keep Shale Booming

The Opaque Dangers of Oil-by-Rail

The shale boom has put a huge amount of crude on our nation’s railroads, and led to a rising number of dangerous derailments, spills, and in some cases, explosions. We should pursue the cheaper and safer option: building out our nation’s pipeline networks.

Fixing the Schools

Community Colleges Offer Bachelor’s Degrees

Dozens of community colleges throughout the country now offer the full four-year degree. This could be the long-awaited birth of a convenient and affordable B.A., or it could be a case of credentialism gone wild.

Polluted Land

China’s Government Finally Admits Horribly Poisoned Farmland is “Troubling”

Saying the situation “does not offer cause for optimism,” China’s government finally admitted the extent of the country’s polluted farmland. It’s very bad.

The Weekend Read

Marx’s Heirs

Marxism is back, and Thomas Piketty’s new book Capital in the Twenty-First Century might be its new Bible. But both Piketty and the Marxist movement miss the real danger of inequality

April 18, 2014
Go Go GMOs

The GMO That Could Prevent Heart Disease and Save Fish

A new genetically modified plant could boost human health and relieve the strain on the oceans’ natural resources. That is, if the greens don’t kill it first.

Thailand In Turmoil

Protest Rallies Erupt in Bangkok as PM Clings to Power

As two courts mull cases that could throw the Prime Minister out of office, Bangkok is again on the edge. The prospect of history repeating itself is dangerously likely.

Fixing the Schools

Teacher Tenure on Trial

Two lawsuits in California and North Carolina suggest that teacher tenure reform could be the next big education policy fight.

ACA Revisionism

Obamacare Invictus?

ACA cheerleaders are using a new enrollment figure to go on the offensive against the law’s opponents. However, all they’ve done is move the goalposts so that Obamacare can score more easily.

Deadly Disease

MERS Virus Moves Toward Southeast Asia

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome surfaces in South Asia. One man has died so far, another case been reported, and fears of a SARS-style panic may not be far behind.

Game of Thrones

Japan Sending Soldiers to Its Closest Island to China

Japan will install a military outpost on a small island close to Taiwan in order to keep watch over China’s maritime maneuvers in the East China Sea.

So Much for the Pivot

Pivot to Asia? More Like Stuck in Place

The President’s traveling to Asia to convince America’s allies in the region that he’s still committed to them. After a series of foreign policy distractions like Ukraine and a few flubs on trade, that will be a hard sell.

Sacre Bleu Model

Can the Left Govern?

A randy, left-of-center President pivots to the center after suffering a humiliating defeat in a midterm election. Bill Clinton in 1994…French President François Hollande in 2014, with his pick of the hard Left’s bête noire, Manuel Valls, as Prime Minister.

The New Adulthood

Adults Shun Suburbs for Playground Cities

We finally have hard data showing young adults staying with city life well into their thirties. Extended adolescence keeps getting longer.

Detroit Bailout?

Detroit Angling for More Federal Money

Detroit’s unions are looking for a way to get federal money earmarked for distressed homebuyers to go to fixing pensions instead.

April 17, 2014
Rising Persecution

Anti-Semitism Emerges Amid Ukraine Turmoil

Jews in Ukraine are being told to register with the new authorities—”or else.”

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