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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
September 21, 2014
Settled Science

The Most Futile March Ever

A loud Green march in New York City today drowned out an important essay on the unsettled nature of climate science in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal by a former Obama Administration official. We wish the activists had kept their carbon footprint lower by staying at home and grappling with the essay’s contents rather than traipsing to New York City for political theater.

The Weekend Read

Is America Coming Apart?

When the President speaks of American exceptionalism, conservatives disbelieve him, insisting that he does not really love America. Liberals, on the other hand, cringe, embarrassed to hear an American President puff up his chest with American hubris, suggesting that America is specially and God-chosen to lead the free world. But there is another reaction, that simply argues that whether American exceptionalism was once a force for good or for evil, it is disappearing.

Activism and Politics

New Zealand Re-Elects Incumbent, Snowden Sighs

John Key’s National Party won a landslide re-election in New Zealand, largely based on the solid economic performance his party has been able to deliver. The Greenwald/Snowden set, who hoped to gain a meaningful toe-hold in the elections, were soundly rebuked.

Desiring Devolution

The UK Survived, but Will the US?

Support for secession is much higher in America than you’d think, with a new poll finding that one-fourth of respondents wouldn’t mind seeing their states go solo. This may reflect frustration with the blue model system’s failure to deal with new political, economic, and cultural realities.

Too Many Carrots/No Sticks

Iran is Not The Answer

As Washington eagerly awaits help from Iran on ISIS as a sign of good will—help that certainly won’t come cheap—it’s hard to avoid the feeling that a historic opportunity for a lasting agreement with Iran has been lost due to Obama’s unwillingness to take a stronger position in the region.

Brazilian Presidential Election

Is Brazil About to Turn Back Toward the Global Economy?

Brazil’s Presidential elections could determine whether the country maintains its “Bolivarian” sympathies, or moves toward the U.S. and EU.

September 20, 2014
Game of Thrones

In Taiwan, Some Love for Japan

The Taiwanese people are surprisingly fond of Japan nowadays, while Taiwan’s ex-President has voiced his approval of Japan’s recent move towards increased militarism. This could be big news for Asian geopolitics.

Scientific Stagnation

Training Up Biomedical PhDs For…Nothing

Only 15 percent of biomedical postdoctoral fellows will get jobs in the fields in which they are being trained. At the same time, funding for research is drying up and the pace of progress in the field is slowing. If these are all related, it’s time to re-think how we are investing in the future.

The History Wars

Texas Rejects New AP US History Framework

The AP U.S. History test’s largest customer says “no thanks” to the controversial recent revisions.

Xi's Crackdown

Xi Who Must Be Obeyed

President Xi is becoming the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao’s death. His most effective tools: selectively prosecuting foreign firms and the corrupt Chinese officials they bribe.

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