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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
August 19, 2014
Trust in the 21st Century

The Anti-Statist Alliance That Wasn’t

A burgeoning alliance between social conservatives and civil libertarians to oppose the nanny state might help end some particular abuses, but in the end the two camps want very different things. Their different goals represent two very different understandings of what human beings are and how they should live.

Profligate Pentagon

Canada Rethinking F-35 Due to High Cost

Canada might not order the F-35. The “next generation” fighter jet is already costing the Pentagon more than any other weapons program in history, and the more U.S. allies that were expected to order F-35s choose not to, the more unaffordable it will get.

Good News Everyone

Fracking Earthquakes Part IV: Shakes Down

A new study by a USGS geophysicist finds that fracking-induced earthquakes shake less and are ultimately less damaging than their naturally occurring counterparts.

Ukraine's Future

Ukraine’s Refugees and the Difficulties of State-Building

The refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster. And on top of that, it bodes ill for Ukraine’s state-building prospects.

China's Minorities

Beijing Pushes Intermarriage Between Tibetans and Chinese

A new set of Chinese policies in TIbet are aimed at promoting intermarriage between Tibetans and Han Chinese. It’s all part of China’s strategy for dealing with minorities, which aims to defuse ethnic tensions by using both carrots and sticks to erode the distinctions between cultures.

The Battle of Aleppo

Is Assad Turning on ISIS Near Aleppo?

With the writing on the wall for the moderate rebels in Syria, we may be seeing the beginnings of the next stage in the conflict.

Middle East Mess

US to Arm Lebanon for ISIS Fight

After beating back ISIS at the border town of Arsal, Lebanon is preparing for what could be a long war. The U.S. has agreed to pitch in by arming the Lebanese forces, while the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon has drawn a “red line” in front of ISIS.

Prices Prices Prices

The $10 Blood Test…Now Only $10,000!

Even as something as routine as a blood test is subject to massive price fluctuations from hospital to hospital for no apparent reason. We still don’t understand how pricing works in our health care system.

Europe's Anti-Israel Complex

Edinburgh a Sad Symbol of Anti-Israeli Intolerance

Protests targeting an Israeli theater company in Scotland are the latest examples of the increasingly uncomfortable position of Jews across Europe.

August 18, 2014
Dethroning King Coal

China’s Thirst for Natural Gas Is Growing

To decrease its reliance on sooty coal, China is consuming and importing vast quantities of natural gas at an increasing pace.

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