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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
April 16, 2014
shifting the goalposts

Now We’ll Never Know Whether Obamacare Worked

Thanks to conveniently timed changes to the annual census, it will now be impossible to know if the ACA is working.

The more things change...

As Election Approaches, Iraq is Again Breaking Apart

Iraq is as divided today as ever. Will the national election later this month herald a new, more inclusive and peaceful era? Or will it produce more of the same?

Frankenfood Fears

France Moves to Ban GMO Corn

France’s lower house of parliament adopted a measure this week to ban all kinds of genetically modified corn. This kind of anti-GMO idiocy flies in the face of all the evidence we have on the matter.

Back to the Farm

The “Modi Miracle” Confronts Its Biggest Test Yet

In India, 90 million new workers will join the workforce over the next 15 years. Will the country capitalize on this demographic boom, or be consumed by it? And is Narendra Modi the man to answer that question?

Bankruptcy in Detroit

Detroit Offers Generous Deal to Pension Funds

Detroit is on the verge of a bankruptcy deal that is far more generous to pensioners than previous plans. How will the bond markets react?

Africa's God Wars

Up to 100 Teenage Schoolgirls Kidnapped in Nigeria

The Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram allegedly conducted the abductions on the same day that a massive bomb also rocked the nation’s capital.

Bending the Cost Curve

Celebrated Health Care Slowdown Slows Down

ACA supporters have been cheering on the health care spending slowdown. But it looks like the slowdown is coming to an end.


Can One Teach The Whole Gospel While Standing On One Leg?

Modernity poses a not-unhealthy challenge to all religions to reflect on their core convictions. What is Christianity all about?

Black and blue

Illinois: Greece of the Great Lakes

Illinois’s serial policy failures would look bad in any circumstance, but they look even worse when placed next to the success of reform-minded neighbors like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

April 15, 2014
Winter for Higher-Ed

Small Colleges Sink Further into the Red

Small, private schools with small endowments tend to overly rely on tuition funds, and many are in dire straits right now as enrollments decline. Some may survive, but many will fail.

Game of Thrones

Fretting About China, Vietnam Releases Prisoners, Embraces US

A network of alliances and cooperative relationships is emerging in south and east Asia to combat China’s increasingly aggressive rise.

Deadly Disease

Virus Fears Spreading Through the Middle East

A virus with a roughly 50 percent fatality rate has been surging in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in recent weeks. Scientists worry the region is one mutation away from a very scary outbreak.

ACA Agonistes

ACA’s Narrow Networks Have Arrived

ACA supporters are hailing ACA cost savings, but there’s a catch: premiums are going down because networks are getting narrower.

Indian Elections

BJP’s Narendra Modi Using Body Doubles on the Campaign Trail

Narendra Modi and the BJP are using Modi lookalikes to help campaign in India’s election.

Pension Wars

Unions Waging War on Arithmetic

Unions are waging an aggressive campaign against nonprofit groups that fund research into problems with public pensions.

Red Shirt Radio

Nationwide Manhunt for Radio Host Who Insulted Thai King

The hunt for a radio host who insulted Thailand’s king gives us a window into the parlous state of the country and its politics.

Prices Prices Prices

Doctors’ Guilds Protect Useless Spending

A trend towards cutting back on unnecessary procedures could save patients real time and money. Unfortunately, some medical guilds aren’t eager to reduce waste that’s profitable to their memberships.


Playing Putin’s Game

It’s time to start thinking strategically about how to deal with Vladimir Putin in a post-Crimea world. A good first step would be to strengthen commitment to NATO in Europe.

Silicon Washington

The Tech Lobby Gets Serious

Google was the second-biggest corporate spender on lobbying in 2012. Big Tech needs Uncle Sam’s help, and Washington needs a happy and vibrant Silicon Valley.

April 14, 2014
Back to Basics

A Strategy for Eurasia

It’s time to restore Transatlantic security relations to their central place in U.S. national security strategy.

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