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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
August 27, 2014
diplomatic danger zone

Chinese Spy Planes in Taiwanese Airspace

Taiwan sent jets to follow Chinese spy planes that had crossed into its airspace several times this week. But China’s increased aggression may have a slight upside—its rivals will draw closer together and closer to the U.S.

Middle East Aflame

Syrian Rebels Seize Border Crossing with Israel

The flames of Syria’s civil war are now licking at its border with Israel.

Religion and Pluralism

Interreligious Theology?

Though the official guardians of religious tradition have typically looked askance at the idea of interreligious dialogue, the practice of coming to terms intellectually with other faiths has a long and rich history.

Pipelines Please

Grain Risks Rot While Oil Rides the Rails

Oil companies are loading massive amounts of North Dakotan crude onto trains to deliver it to refineries, but this wave of new rail customers is preventing farmers from getting their crops to their customers.

August 26, 2014
Far-Right Revival

Le Pen Beams as Hollande Stumbles—Again

French President François Hollande has eliminated the left wing of his cabinet after it revolted against his austerity policies. The continued dysfunction of his government will likely only benefit his political rivals, especially his far-right enemy Marine Le Pen.


Finance and Innovation

Assessing the impact of a modern financial sector on an economy’s capacity for innovation is tricky. We’re working on the problem.


Funny Business

The IRS Scandal Has Arrived

A conservative watchdog group claims Justice Department lawyers admitted Friday that Lois Lerner’s missing emails may be on a government backup system. If that’s true, then the IRS scandal really has arrived.

Jobs of the Future

Doctors and Lawyers and Bankers, Oh My!

Prestige jobs have captured more than 76 percent of “total real wage increase” since 2000. Much of this growth has gone to careers that require specialized education. But all is not lost for lower-skilled workers.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Chinese Aggression Alarms Indonesia

China’s increasing aggression is beginning to alarm even peripheral players in Asia’s Game of Thrones.

The Afterparty Rages On

Egypt, UAE Join Libyan Afterparty

The U.S. ousted Qaddafi and then left Libya. Now, as Libya collapses, we’re annoyed when our allies try to act in the power vacuum we’ve created.

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