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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
August 29, 2014
From the September/October Issue

The Emerging Overbalance of Power

When good guys have preponderant power, things tend to be all right—even with a Chinese accent.

Three Kinds Of Lies

U.S. Poll Statistics, Now Even Less Reliable

New research suggests low response rates on telephone polls could be distorting official statistics.

August 28, 2014
International Discord

Obama Gives Up On the Global Climate Treaty

The Obama administration is working on a voluntary international climate agreement that would skirt the need to seek Congressional approval, according to the New York Times. In doing so, it’s effectively turning its back on the feckless Global Climate Treaty movement.

Terrorist Ripple Effects

ISIS the Image-Maker

Whether or not ISIS continues its run of military successes or retains control over the territories it has captured, it may have changed the image (and ambition) of terrorism forever.

Russia Diary

Putin Ends the Interregnum

Vladimir Putin’s increasingly reckless interventions in Ukraine should force the West to reevaluate everything it thought it knew about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the past two decades of Western policy on Russia.

Disease Devastation

Food Crisis in West Africa

West Africa is facing alarming food shortages along with the horrific Ebola epidemic. Aside from compounding the suffering in these nations, a food crisis will make this outbreak far harder to contain.

Slaying the Hydra

Pakistani Taliban Fractures, Posing New Challenges

A radical new group has split off from the Pakistani Taliban, apparently inspired by the success of ISIS. A fracturing Taliban may sound like a weakening Taliban, but a diffuse group of enemies can be more dangerous than one big one.

Abortion in America

CA Forces Catholic Colleges to Cover Elective Abortion

According to California, elective abortions are “medically necessary” care that must be covered by all employers. The next big conscience fight could be here.

the new world disorder

FBI Investigating Russian Cyber Attacks on US Banks

An FBI probe is investigating whether recent cyber attacks on the biggest U.S. financial institutions by Russian hackers may be state-sponsored. The new world disorder is getting messier by the day.

Reforming Delivery

Big Medicare Savings Point the Way to Health Care Fix

A new CBO report shows Medicare’s current estimate for 2019 is $95 billion dollars less than the 2010 estimate for that year. The driving cause is the same thing that could save U.S. health care in general: more responsible consumption of care and changes in service delivery.

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