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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
July 22, 2014
God Wars

It Can Happen Here: Anti-Semitism in LA, Boston

Violent anti-semitic riots broke out in France and Germany recently. But anyone who thinks it couldn’t happen here hasn’t been paying attention.

Uber Alles? Nein!

Uber Hits Snag in South Korea

Seoul wants to ban Uber. Will the self-proclaimed disruptor face similar resistance elsewhere in Asia?

July 21, 2014

Episode 24: The West’s Small Steps Against Russia and Musical Chairs in London

Good evening, podcast listeners! We have an excellent episode for you this week, as we invite Andrew A. Michta on to discuss the West’s tepid response to Moscow’s aggression, and talk to John Bew about David Cameron’s recent cabinet reshuffle.

After MH17

No More Frozen Conflicts

In the wake of the Malaysia Air shoot down, Many Western leaders are calling for a ceasefire and a political solution to the conflict in Ukraine. They’re making a big mistake—one that could end up creating yet another “frozen conflict” along Russia’s periphery. The West should instead be helping the leadership in Kiev restore full sovereignty over Ukraine’s territory.

Rising Persecution

Mosul’s Christians Are Not Alone

ISIS has expelled virtually all Christians from Mosul, and persecution against Christians is worsening throughout Asia. Radicals in Sri Lanka and government officials in China are both cracking down on Christian communities.


Republicans Court Silicon Valley Libertarians

Sen. Rand Paul is making a big push in the Golden State. Is Silicon Valley starting to see the benefits of playing the political field?

Foreign Policy a la Modi

India Refuses to Censure Israel

India’s parliament has refused to accept a resolution to censure Israel for its military campaign in Gaza. For a country historically sympathetic to the Palestinians, this is a notable change.

Indonesia's Election

Waiting For a Verdict

Indonesia’s General Election Commission is set to release its official results to the hotly-contested presidential elections tomorrow. It’s not likely to put an end to the matter.

Trouble in Turkey

Erdogan: Israel Worse Than Hitler

The Turkish PM had extraordinarily ugly words for Israel, as riots nearly overran the Israeli embassy in Ankara. Turkish-Israeli relations are definitely back on the rocks.


Anti-GMO Activists Are Harming Hungry Africans

Genetically modified crops could feed millions of hungry Africans and bolster the continent’s shaky food security, but Luddite anti-GMO campaigners have so successfully smeared the technology that no African government has approved its use.

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