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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
October 19, 2014
Modi Rising

Modi Wave Continues to Surge

Modi’s BJP sweeps to victory in two state elections.

Report from Liberia

Ebola Out of Control

A chilling account from an African film-maker suggests that the outbreak in Liberia may be much worse that reported.

Campus Kangaroo Courts

The Underside of “Affirmative Consent”

California’s new law establishing strict standards for college students’ sexual activity has been lampooned for applying legalism to the libido. But the consequences for those who run afoul of the new policies are no laughing matter.

Green Dreams

The EU’s Resolve Wavers Ahead of Climate Change Deal

Poland leads a group of central and eastern European countries highly skeptical of a raft of new EU green policy proposals. Green dreams are running headlong into harsh economic realities in Brussels next week.

American Exceptionalism

What Are We Fighting For?

Roger Berkowitz recently gave the opening lecture at the Hannah Arendt Center Conference “The Unmaking of Americans: Are There Still American Ideas Worth Fighting for?” For the weekend read this week, we provide an edited transcript of Professor Berkowitz’s speech: “American Exceptionalism: What Are We Fighting For?”

Education Innovation

School Choice Works Wonders in Ohio

The economically disadvantaged students at Cristo Ray Columbus High School in Ohio graduate both high school and college much higher than other students with similar backgrounds. This is what good teachers, school choice, and innovative thinking can do.

when the well runs dry

To End Shortages, Make Water More Expensive

Water use is a prime example of economic activity in which poor pricing mechanisms have led to dangerous waste and overconsumption—and in this case, massive droughts in California. Some say it’s time to make water more expensive.

Caught Red Handed

Seattle’s Reds Have Minimum Wage Blues

A Seattle socialist group has posted a want-ad for a new employee at $13 per hour, despite campaigning for a $15 per hour living wage.

The Bunga Bunga Economy

Italy Looks to Drugs and Prostitution to Find Good Economic News

In order to not run up against EU regulations and technically slip into its third recession in six years, Italy is changing the way it calculates it GDP figures. How? By including revenue from the thriving cocaine and prostitution markets, of course.

October 18, 2014
The Middle East Aflame

The Meaning of Kobani

Whether Kobani falls or stands, it has become a defining moment of nationhood and identity for Syrian and Turkish Kurds.

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