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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
September 23, 2014
size matters

ASEAN-China Relations: Building a Common Destiny?

Strengthened ties between China and Southeast Asian countries have inspired much optimism, but fundamental asymmetries between them still threaten these new relationships.

Green Folly

The Rockefeller Divestment and Other Empty Gestures

The Rockefeller family announced that it will “divest” one of its big funds of investments in the fossil fuel industry. Perhaps it can afford the inefficient gesture, but environmentalists ought to embrace smarter economics.

The World Aflame

Anti-ISIS Campaign in Iraq Shows Limits of Air Power

Six weeks of aerial bombardments have not dislodged ISIS from its strongholds in Iraq.

Pope Still Catholic

Pope Appoints New US Bishop, Media Reaffirms Its Biases

Pope Francis has replaced Francis Cardinal George of Chicago with a new Bishop thought by many to be more “liberal” than his predecessor. But the reality may be considerably more complicated than the media’s honeymoon with Francis would suggest.

Medical Money Pits

You Don’t Need All the Health Care You Get

Hospitals and medical boards are pushing various medical specialities to dispense with unnecessary care when treating patients. So far, the results show that we can do just fine without some of the health care we get.

the new world disorder

Time for “Offshore Balancing” in the Middle East?

Francis Fukuyama and Karl Eikenberry make the case for learning from Britain’s historic example in Europe and pursuing a similar “offshore balancing” strategy in the Middle East.

The Wars of the Reluctant

The Bad, The Worse, and the Lousy

Reluctant warriors like Woodrow Wilson, LBJ, and President Obama make special kinds of mistakes. We will see how those mistakes develop this time around.

Fear Factor

CDC: Ebola Cases Could Top One Million by January

The CDC and WHO experts release terrifying new predictions about the spread of the Ebola epidemic.

On Reflection

The Parallels Between Bush and Obama

As President Obama begins to bomb Syria with no UN authorization and with a coalition of the willing, we wonder if in a quiet moment of reflection he wonders if he was too smug and too callow back when he poured contempt on President Bush.


U.S. Gas Cutting into Gazprom’s Bottom Line

As U.S. gas production rises, worldwide oil prices go down and the energy that we used to import can go elsewhere. That’s bad news for Russia in the long term, since its economy is so reliant on oil and gas production. In fact, Russian state-owned gas company Gazprom is predicted to lose 18% of its revenue

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