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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
October 31, 2014
Crude Economics

Plunging Oil Prices Undermine the Case for US LNG Exports

Much has been made of the potential of America’s shale gas to find buyers abroad, but with many gas contracts tied to the price of oil and the recent rapid decline of said price, U.S. LNG seems to be losing the potential cost advantage it was purported to have.

Limousine Liberalism

African-Americans Abandon Blue Paradises

From 2000 to 2010, African-Americans left America’s biggest blue cities in record numbers for more conservative cities. Blue cities increasingly work only for the affluent.

Tax Attack

International Deal Cracks Down on Tax Evasion

More than 50 countries are fighting back against tax evasion by signing a new international deal. It’s good news—and will be made all the better if countries use the money they gain for much-needed domestic reforms.

Public Health on Halloween

The Ghosts of Quarantines Past

Some lessons for today’s public health crises from the storied past of Ellis Island Immigrant Health Hospital.

The EU Dodges A Bullet

Ukraine-Russia Gas Deal Kicks the Can Down the Road

The crisis has been averted, but only temporarily. Meanwhile, Putin retains the ability to throw Ukraine into political and military crisis whenever he likes.

October 30, 2014
ACA Agonistes

Polls Reveal a Muddled Middle On Health Care

A review of 27 opinion polls on the ACA shows a public that likes neither the law nor the campaign to repeal it. That’s prime opportunity for politicians who can stake out some kind of middle ground—no matter how incoherent that position seems to dueling liberals and conservatives.

Bankruptcy Battle Ends

Pensions Unscathed In Stockton

The final ruling in Stockton’s bankruptcy case came down today: The city’s plan is acceptable, and its payments to CalPERS won’t be cut.


Scientists Warn Europe To End Its Luddite Anti-GMO Stance, Or Else…

Scientists are coming out in droves in favor of genetically modified organisms. This week, a prominent British research council and a group of leading plant scientists both advocated for smarter policymaking more favorable to GM research.

Political Order and Political Decay

Watch Francis Fukuyama Talk about His New Book

Here’s the video of Francis Fukuyama speaking about his new book Political Order and Political Decay yesterday at Johns Hopkins-SAIS! Be sure to catch the subsequent discussion moderated by TAI editor Adam Garfinkle.

ACA Revisionism

Taxpayers Lose as Small Businesses Drop Insurance Coverage

Small businesses are increasingly dropping health insurance for their employees, pushing those workers onto the public exchanges. That will increase the number of subsidies the federal government will issue, raising the cost of the law for the taxpayer.

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