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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
September 18, 2014
Treaty Trouble

UN Lowers Expectations for Next Week’s Climate Talks

Ahead of next week’s climate summit in New York City, the UN is trying to shift the focus away from crafting a global climate treaty.

India Ascendant?

A Bittersweet Meeting Between Xi and Modi

Xi is in India to meet with Modi, and the two have sealed some massive economic deals, with even more expected to be on the way. At the same time, things are only getting worse for their geopolitical rivalry over a half century-old border dispute and China’s maritime expansionism. For the time being, the world’s two most populous countries will continue to have a paradoxical diplomatic relationship: Economically sweet, and politically sour.


Drunk History

A view of U.S. history through a whiskey glass reveals the central place of the bar in American life.


Gazprom Bracing For Record Low Output

Russia’s state-owned natural gas firm looks set to produce less gas this year than it ever has in its history, in no small part thanks to the decision to cut off supplies to Ukraine.

erin go bragh

Ireland’s Economy Becomes Fastest-Growing in the Eurozone

In the three months leading up to June, Ireland’s economy grew faster than any other country’s in the eurozone. It still has a lot of work to do, but things could be looking up for a country with a great deal of native strength and resilience.

foreign policy is back

Democrats Lose Edge with Women Voters

Only a month ago, Democrats had big leads over Republicans among women voters in the pre-midterm polls, but now that edge has collapsed. Is resurgent Jacksonianism the cause?

China and Counter-Terrorism

Radicalization Hitting China’s Uighurs Too

As Chinese get worried about terrorism, will they join an international anti-terror coalition?

The New European Reality

Poll: Anti-Europe Party Surges in Netherlands

Prime Minister Le Pen, meet Prime Minister Wilders…

September 17, 2014
Crude Calculus

What Offshore Oil Might Mean for an Independent Scotland

Though oil production in the North Sea is on the decline, tomorrow’s historic independence vote in Scotland will both affect and be affected by those offshore reserves.

Scot Free?

Will Scottish Independence Create a Bandwagon Effect?

Scotland’s referendum to break away from the UK might increase demands for independence across Europe.

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