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Greeks Bearing Debts

Some EU leaders are talking openly about contingency plans for a Greek default. Meanwhile, ordinary Greeks give their government a clear demand: stay in the Eurozone.

Syria Endgame?

Rebels strike a pair of substantive blows against the Assad regime.

Ukraine Crisis
Indian Agricultural Development

Modi’s proposed bill to allow industrial agriculture to buy rural land more easily has sparked riots.


The EU approved new GM crops, but it’s been one step forwards and two steps back on this important technology this week.

OPEC Beware

U.S. shale producers are amassing a fracklog of oil while they wait for higher prices. That’s not good news for OPEC.

Is Assad On His Way Out?
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Middle East Mess
Maybe, and his fall should be welcomed, despite the difficulties it will bring.
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Elections in the UK
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Understanding Ourselves
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Iran and the Bomb
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How Not to Win a War
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