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Education Innovation

A piano tuning company is operating an apprenticeship model adapted for the twenty-first century.

Biofuel Boondoggle

Cheap oil and waning political support have the top U.S. corn ethanol producer reevaluating the industry.

Obama's Syria Policy

It sure looks like Assad and his Russian allies have little interest in finding the “common ground” on Syria the Obama administration has been frantically searching for.

The Sunni-Shi'a War

Emiratis declare they would dispatch ground forces to Syria—should the U.S. take the lead.

North Korea Fallout

Pyongyang’s bad behavior (and Beijing’s inability and/or refusal to control it) pushes politics in both South Korea and Japan to the right.

After Manufacturing

Countries like Germany and France have been fighting for decades to slow the decline of manufacturing jobs, without doing nearly enough to prepare for a new, post-mass-manufacturing economy.

Higher Education Watch

It’s time to shake up higher education rather than doubling down on something that seems to be working less and less well.

Pacific Problems

Many South Koreans are not thrilled with the deal their politicians made with Japan.

The Great Stall
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The Chinese Slowdown
Will China finish the economic transformation it has so successfully begun, or will it crash along the way?
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Tinseltown's Scribe
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Culture in America
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Land of the Rising Gun
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The Sinews of Peace
by Eliot A. Cohen
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The AI Podcast
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