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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
September 16, 2014
China's Crackdowns

China “Rescues” Muslim Children from Madrassas

China’s sweeps of Muslim religious schools are part of Beijing’s latest effort to exert control over its far-flung provinces and minority populations.

Scot Free?

The Upside of a “Yes” Vote

Scotland’s pro-independence side may not succeed on Thursday, but it might not be such a bad thing for small government and balanced budgets if it did.

September 15, 2014

Episode 32: Scotland the Independent?

While Thursday’s referendum on Scottish independence looks too close to call, Queen’s University Belfast professor Crawford Gribben and Walter Russell Mead discuss the underpinnings and implications of the historic vote.


The Art of Argument

Strippers go to the Supreme Court to defend their right to bare all in a riotous new play that even a lawyer could love.

Mysterious Airstrikes

More Outside Interference in Libya?

Libya’s General Haftar claims to be behind today’s airstrikes on the Islamist militias outside of Tripoli. But there’s reason to doubt that.

those darn kids

Millennials: Neither Devils Nor Angels

Technology-flooded millennials read more books than Americans over 30. Neither declinism nor overweening optimism will help us understand generational shifts.

Scottish Independence

The Queen Speaks, Sort of

The Queen tells voters to exercise caution. The banks are telling everyone to start panicking.

Shale Booms On

Fracking Not at Fault in Water Contamination

A new study finds poorly cemented wells, not hydraulic fracturing, to be at fault for groundwater contamination problems associated with the American shale boom.

Scottish Canary

Spanish, Italian Separatist Movements Look to Scottish Example

Catalan, Venetian, and Tyrolean independence movements find inspiration in Scotland.

Fixing the Golden State

For Now, No Six Flags Over California

A plan to break California up into six smaller states didn’t collect enough valid signatures to force itself onto a ballot. But California remains too big to function effectively, and some kind of decentralization is necessary.

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