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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
July 29, 2014
Reforming Delivery

Medicare Actuary Throws Cold Water on ACA Cheerleaders

The cuts to Medicare’s reimbursement rates imposed by the ACA may have bought the program a little more time. But without a revolution in service delivery, those cuts won’t be sustainable.

tigers and flies

Xi’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Takes Down Top “Tiger”

Zhou Yongkang, the highest Chinese Party official to be purged since Mao’s Cultural Revolution, is under investigation, as Chinese president Xi Jingping’s anti-corruption campaign claims its biggest tiger so far.

Westerners in ISIS

Australian Jihadists Wanted for Syrian Beheadings

Australia issued warrants for two of its citizens after footage emerged of them holding the severed heads of Syrian soldiers. Meanwhile, China is also starting to worry about Chinese Uighurs fighting in the Middle East.


Another Green Solution Goes Up In Flames

The UK treats wood-burning—or “biomass” as it likes to call it—as a green energy source. But while wood may be renewable, the biomass subsidy scheme Britain has set up is by no means earth-friendly.

Kurds and Crude

Iraqi Oil Intrigue Off the Coast of Texas

A Texas judge ordered the seizure of Iraqi Kurdistan crude from a tanker positioned off the coast of Galveston today, dealing a blow to the KRG’s independence ambitions.

U.S. Middle East Policy

Malice or Incompetence?

John Kerry’s ceasefire proposal for Gaza has probably destroyed what remained of the United States’ influence in the Middle East, at least for the duration of this administration’s tenure.

Sanctions and Penalties

Putin Defiant As Noose Tightens

With the EU set to enact sanctions, an international tribunal ruled that Russia is liable for $50 billion to former shareholders of Yukos—a total that amounts to a sizable share of the nation’s economic output. But Putin remains defiant.

Turkey Elections

Erdogan’s Presidential Power Play

After twelve eventful years as Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is running for President. He’s planning to transfer power to that office and away from the Prime Minister’s.

Prices Prices Prices

Hospitals Gain, U.S. Suffers

Hospitals are profiting big time from Obamacare, but simply dumping new patients into a dysfunctional system isn’t likely to solve the long-term problems plaguing U.S. health care.

Crisis in Ukraine

Stopping Putin’s Irredentist Project

The West is treating the fighting in eastern Ukraine as a sui generis crisis, rather than what it is: part of Putin’s larger strategy.

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