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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
August 20, 2014
ACA Fail Fractal

Consumers Revolt Against ACA Narrow Networks

Yet another lawsuit shows why the ACA is increasingly unpopular: 33 consumers are suing a big California insurer for restricting their networks on the ACA after canceling their plans.

Fear the Airpocalypse

China’s Toxic Smog Problem Is Getting Worse

China’s air quality readings were worse this July than they were last year, much to the dismay of the hundreds of millions of urbanites living in the choking toxic smog.

Xi's Power Play

China’s Anti-Drug Crackdown Nets Jackie Chan’s Son

Xi Jinping’s government is cracking down on drug use in China, especially among celebrities. It’s yet another way to go after elites in order to curry public favor, while at the same time consolidating power in his own hands.

erin go bragh

Irish Leave Home For New Shores

Young Irish people are fleeing their home country en masse, and as they have done in the past, bringing their talents to other shores. But in the end, Ireland has the power to survive the euro crisis.

Strange Bedfellows

Turkey’s Spymaster Meets Imprisoned PKK Chief, Promises Peace

A secret meeting between a Turkish spymaster and a Kurdish militant leader on a prison island—it’s a dramatic scene, and a promising sign of rapprochement between two old enemies.

Peace in the Pacific

Australia and Indonesia Patch Up Friendship

Indonesia halted some joint intelligence and military activities with Australia due to allegations that Canberra had listened in on the Indonesian President’s phone calls. Now the two countries have resumed relations—which is good for the whole region.

Religion & Other Curiosities

Exporting the American Culture War

America’s cultural left and right have globalized the battle over questions of sexuality.

Arabian Nightmares

Saudi Arabia and the Trouble with Terrorism

Alarmed by a swift and ravenous ISIS to the north, and al-Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula to the south, Saudi Arabia is cracking down on terrorism at home and abroad.

August 19, 2014
Trust in the 21st Century

The Anti-Statist Alliance That Wasn’t

A burgeoning alliance between social conservatives and civil libertarians to oppose the nanny state might help end some particular abuses, but in the end the two camps want very different things. Their different goals represent two very different understandings of what human beings are and how they should live.

Profligate Pentagon

Canada Rethinking F-35 Due to High Cost

Canada might not order the F-35. The “next generation” fighter jet is already costing the Pentagon more than any other weapons program in history, and the more U.S. allies that were expected to order F-35s choose not to, the more unaffordable it will get.

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