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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
October 2, 2014
See No Evil

The EU’s Deafening Silence on Hong Kong’s Democratic Deficit

In 1997, the EU pledged its support to the “one country, two systems” formula and to Beijing’s promise to bring democratic elections to Hong Kong. Yet the EU has remained silent since the confrontation between Beijing and the pro-democracy activists began to grow hot this summer.

CalPERS Gasps

Federal Judge: Bankruptcy Law Trumps California Pension Statutes

A ruling in California could have serious implications for public pension systems across the country.

October 1, 2014
Turkey v. Saudi Arabia

Top Turkish Muslim Slams Saudi Arabia for “Destroying” Mecca

Under Saudi management, the holiest sight in Islam is being swamped by concrete – and the Turks are not happy.

Putin on the high seas

Russia Roils the Black Sea

Russia is digging in its heels in the Crimean peninsula by announcing a big naval expansion. That’s probably not playing well in Ankara.

Europe's Paper Militaries

German Military Lacks Enough Aircraft to Mount Ebola Rescue

German defense deficiencies glaringly exposed by recent failed mission, damning parliamentary report.


China Fights Anti-GMO Idiocy

Beijing is launching a high-profile campaign to combat misinformation about genetically modified foods. Its success or failure could have enormous implications for China’s food security.

Religion Matters

Pentacostal Power and Brazil’s Presidential Race

As Brazil’s evangelical population grows, its political clout is growing too—so much so that it has already influenced more than one high profile politician to alter her stance on key social issues. But even if evangelicals don’t prove to be game-changers this time around, this story is one to watch.

Taiwan on

Next Crisis in Asia: China-Taiwan?

Xi’s intemperate promotion of “reunification” with Taiwan was counterproductive at best, given what is going on in Hong Kong. Why did he do it?

It's the Mistrals or Us

Poland Threatens to Nix Purchase of French Missile Shield

Warsaw announced that France is in danger of being out of the running for a nearly six billion dollar missile defense deal because Paris might still sell Mistral class warships to Putin. Let’s see if money works where solidarity doesn’t.

Chemin Neuf and the Community of Bose

A New Monasticism

What could monastic life today look like? Two attempts at reimagining how it could thrive in the twenty-first century.

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