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Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff
immigration wars

A President Hillary Clinton who fulfills her promise to “expand” President Obama’s immigration unilateralism will be playing with fire.

Pricing Emissions

Britain’s decision to leave the EU casts a cloud of uncertainty over the EU’s attempts to fix its carbon market.

We Want Out
Higher Education Watch
Begging for Relief
America Without A Strategy

The United States is failing to maintain security and free movement in the Pacific.

In or Out?

Fearful of U.S. shale, Gazprom is sweetening deals for its gas supplies to Europe.

Political Decay
Crude Economics
demographic transformation
Brexit and the Weakness of the West
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Divided They Fall
When Americans walk away, Europe tends to fail. The Americans walked away during the Bush and Obama years, and the consequences of that withdrawal are becoming apparent.
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Good Bye Lenin!
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Prayer and Work
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Religion & Other Curiosities
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Brexit Countdown
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The Sinews of Peace
by Eliot A. Cohen
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The AI Podcast
With Richard Aldous
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