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Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff
October 22, 2014
Carrying a Little Stick

As Anbar Falls, Are Any Americans on the Ground There?

Reports suggest that, yet again, despite the Obama Administration’s bellicose rhetoric, American forces are being deployed too few and too late to the fight.

Shale Is Hale

Fracking Innovation Defying Oil Price Dangers

Plunging crude prices are affecting producers’ ability to profitably drill, and there’s a growing concern that the bear market could affect U.S. fracking. But continued innovation has firms producing more oil with lower costs, which suggests that the shale revolution may be more resilient than many think.

ACA Fail Fractal

Democrats Losing Public Trust on Health Care

In 2007, 50 percent of respondents to a WSJ poll said they trusted the Democratic Party to improve the U.S. health care system, compared to 28 percent who trusted Republicans. Now that gap is 36 to 32 percent. That is, so far, the political legacy of the ACA.

Israel the Energy Exporter

Israel Set to Export Gas to Egypt

A deal between Egypt and Israel would signal a changing energy market and growing ties between the two countries.


Russia Moves the Goalposts in Ukraine Gas Deal

Yesterday, it looked as if Russia and Ukraine were going to sign an interim deal to supply Kiev with barely enough gas to get it through this winter, but at the last minute, Putin required assurances from the West that Poroshenko would pay his bills.

Prices Prices Prices

ACA Consolidation Push Sends Costs Skyrocketing

In part because of the ACA, hospitals are increasingly acquiring independent physician practices. When that happens, the cost of health care can increase by as much as 20 percent.

Reddit AMA

TODAY: Tune in to Walter Russell Mead’s AMA

TAI Editor-at-Large Walter Russell Mead will be conducting a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” today at 2 p.m. EDT, so start thinking of any questions you’d like to have answered!

Butcher Assad

Assad Ups Chemical Weapons Attacks

While the world looks away, Assad’s brutal campaign continues. Here’s a surprise: he’s still using chemical weapons.


The Mayor of Houston and the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs

Every presidency creates an institutional culture which trickles down all the way to city halls in the provinces. Obama’s tone-deafness on religious freedom has had palpable consequences across the land.

October 21, 2014
Reforming Delivery

New Technology Lowers the Cost of Eldercare

U.S. companies are finding ways to lower the cost of eldercare with new technologies. The future of U.S. health care depends on these efforts—not on Washington’s technocratic tinkering.

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