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Why We Can't Have Nice Things
California Scales Back High-Speed Rail Plans Again
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  • Soon they’ll rename it: Fresno Mass Transit.

    • rheddles

      Nope. It’s much more than Fresno alone. Fresno Area Rapid Transit. The gas is on us.

  • Laurence Levin

    2025? I would bet the project won’t be done by 2045 although it is unlikely I will be alive to collect my winnings. Can’t we create infrastructure that would actually be valuable?

    • Andrew Allison

      You are unduly optimistic. This project will never be done, and go down in history as the greatest failure of “California Blue”. And no, as long as the State is ruled by Democrats, there will be no valuable State-managed infrastructure. California is, quite literally, crumbling before our very eyes, and it will only get worse as pensions eat up more and more of State revenue.

  • Dale Fayda

    Last I heard this pile of puke was to be completed in 2029, well over a decade hence. Considering that there is no money for it even now, with the CA carbon market having collapsed and no private investors in sight, it’s pretty safe to say that even target completion date is in the realm of fantasy. Personally, I don’t think that even “Gov. Dementia” himself actually believes that this thing will ever get built as anything approaching its projected scale.

    This, boys and girls, is how CA Democrats do “infrastructure investment”.

    • Andrew Allison

      In CA, so-called ‘infrastructure investment” means payoffs to special interest who vote Democratic.

      • LarryD

        I dare contend that graft and cronyism are the whole point. Of every Democratic project.

        • Jim__L

          You forget opportunities for virtue-signalling.

          No matter that the virtues are not actually advanced by the projects; it’s the (up)votes that count.

  • Proud Skeptic

    Another ten years and they will be planning something about the size of your typical flume ride.

    • Andrew Allison

      If you seriously think that the State of California could build a flume ride, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you!

      • f1b0nacc1

        Well, as long as the bridge isn’t built by the State of California, I might be interested….

        • Jim__L

          Ah, the Willie Brown Bay Bridge Extension — completed how many decades late, and how many billions over-budget?

          Was there ever a more appropriate memorial?

  • mgoodfel

    So $64 billion for a train. In a state with 40 million people. Or $1500 per person, just for construction costs. Most people in California aren’t ever going to take the train, so the true cost per potential rider is probably ten times that.

    Why isn’t this the lead of every news item on this thing? If Californians were asked “are you going to buy thousands of dollars of tickets on this train, in your entire life?”, the answer would have been “no.”

    And that doesn’t even count operating costs. This thing is so far from making sense that it’s incredible it ever got proposed in the first place.

    • vepxistqaosani

      “Incredible,” you say? You’ve never been to California ….

  • Bill_Woods

    … smaller station platforms, … building tunnels with smaller cross-sections. …”
    With a bit of planning, platforms could be extended pretty easily someday, but once tunnels are built, they’re not going to reamed out to a larger diameter. So they’re officially deciding to make the “high speed” label a joke.

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