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The Oldest Hatred
The Oldest Hatred
Abbas Goes Off Deep End, And Even the NYT Can’t Overlook It

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave a blatantly anti-Semitic speech in front of the European Parliament on on Thursday.

The Oldest Hatred
Madrid’s Newest Cultural Program: Anti-Semitism?

Madrid’s new radical leftist government is off to a flying start, with its culture minister tweeting an anti-Semitic joke. Its economy minister will be better at his job…right?

The Oldest Hatred
Europe’s Anti-Semitism at the Top and Bottom

Hatred of Jews keeps getting more popular worldwide. Europe, despite its governments’ efforts to protect its Jewish citizens, is no exception.

The Oldest Hatred
Does Anti-Semitism Make You Poor?

Germans from districts that persecuted Jews the most zealously don’t invest as much in the stock market, according to a new study. Anti-Semitism isn’t just contemptible; it is evidence of an inability to understand a complex world.

The Oldest Hatred
The Perfect Storm of European Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is rising in Europe, from more varied sources than in the past. Forty percent of Europe’s Jews now report that they hide their identity.

The Oldest Hatred
British Supermarket Pulls Kosher Products After Mob Threat

In the latest sign of European anti-Semitism, Gaza protests pressured a British supermarket to pull Kosher foods from its shelves.

The Oldest Hatred
For Most Germans, Fighting Anti-Semitism Seems Unimportant

As the Gaza conflict stretches into its fourth week and the death toll continues to rise, European anti-Semitism is intensifying, particularly in Germany. So far, Jews are finding scant support as they speak out against recent attacks.

The Oldest Hatred
Bernard-Henri Lévy: Europe Has an Anti-Semite Problem

Bernard-Henri Levy writes that the selective outrage of Europeans at the actions of Israel—and their silence over the atrocities of Assad and Hamas—reveals that old, dark force at work: anti-Semitism.

The Oldest Hatred
Paris Mob Attacks Synagogue

A Paris mob attacked a synagogue when an anti-Israel march got out of hand on Sunday. Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise in France and across Europe.

The Oldest Hatred
Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Sweden

Ten people beat and chased a Swedish man for hanging an Israeli flag outside his window in the city of Malmö. Anti-Semitism is on the rise not only in Sweden but throughout Europe.

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A new Gallup poll registers big increases in respect for police, including among Democrats and nonwhites.

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