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The Oldest Hatred
Abbas Goes Off Deep End, And Even the NYT Can’t Overlook It
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  • dwk67

    Elites love to imagine humankind as being fully civilized despite the fact that almost all of today’s political rhetoric stands in defiance of that claim. Nothing is easier, or more primal than blaming others for one’s misfortune. To give in to this temptation virtually eliminates the opportunity to learn lessons that could eventually allow the playing field to be leveled. Foolish pride eliminates even imagining the possibility that something could be learned from those whose accomplishments exceed ours, and we damn ourselves to failure and self-imposed second class status as a direct result. As far as I’m concerned, the righteous indignation of the Palestinians is little more than jealousy with a halo….

  • Pete

    Question. Why does even a dime of U.S. taxpayer money go to these hateful Arabs?

    No human decency comes out of Arabia. None. Fact.

  • Ellen

    Unfortunately, the NYT will find a way, any way, to avoid drawing the conclusion that the Palestinians are uncivilized, intolerant jihadis at their heart. When Hamas was shooting missiles at Israeli cities, the NYT had a front page article on “A Feminist in Gaza,” explaining how a young Muslim woman could live the lifestyle of a feminist in Hamas-ruled Gaza. Can you believe that? That is what they thought was the most important news item worthy of reporting during the middle of a war started by the democratically-elected rulers of Gaza. Hopeless and idiotic. The only way to change things is to elect our version of London’s Brexiteer Boris. And his name is Donald.

  • Samuel Fistel

    How do you know it’s all about JewHatred, and only about JewHatred? If you read the countless one-sided articles demonizing Israel (there appears to be an actual industry manned by paid professionals), then pretty soon you will inevitably find mention of “the Jews”. In contrast, you will only find mention of “the palestinians”, but never of the arabs, and especially never of “the muslims”. And “the palestinians” are portrayed as a separate nation consisting of noble, innocent, secularists, who have been invaded and colonized by the “white supremacist Jews”. And yet, the simple and obvious truth is that “palestine” is merely a geographical place name, referring to the southwest quadrant of Greater Syria. The “palestinians” are the arab muslims living there, and they do not have an identity that is particularly unique or different from the other Greater Syrian sunni arab muslims. We see that the muslim JewHaters have assigned the muslim arab “palestinians” the lead role in waging a jihad against Jewish Israel and the Jew-devils, which can only end when the Jews are killed or enslaved, and Jewish Israel is returned to the possession of allah and his beloved muslims. While for their part, the western liberal atheist JewHaters completely separate the “palestinians” and “palestine” from islam, arabs, and Greater Syria, and assign them a role as nationalistic freedom-fighters trying to liberate “palestine” from the occupying Jew-Nazis. Conclusion: our world, rather than being “rational and enlightened”, is truly as crazy as ever. And the high-IQ, decent, high achieving Israeli Jews continue to be as demonized as ever by the muslims, the christians, the stalinists, and now the liberal atheist internationalists.

  • adk

    But, but dear professor Mead: haven’t you and your esteemed colleague Mr.Garfinkle just the other day told us that Abbas is perhaps “thinking unthinkable”, i.e., is kinda, sorta preparing for giving up the sacred “right of return” thus clearing up the path for peace?

    To which message I generously offered both of you, absolutely free of charge, half of some twenty million US dollars I currently keep on deposit at the Central Bank of Nigeria (provided some conditions are met.) Keep in mind that, unlike the so-called Israeli-Palestinian “peace process”, my offer is time-limited, so you and Garfinkle must act fast to secure the money.

    And last: “At the end of his 43-minute speech, Abbas received a standing ovation from the audience of European representatives.” This alone is one of the best arguments for leaving the Europeans to their own devices and tender mercies of President Putin. You can’t really help people that deluded (not that Obama & Kerry would disagree with them…)

  • sacip

    It will be tough, but sacrifice is necessary and so we must band together and “Boycott Palestinian Goods”.

  • Andrew Allison

    Seems to me that it’s the European Parliament which has gone off the deep end. We expect nothing better from Abbas.

  • Ofer Imanuel

    Highly recommend reading this about what Palestinians really think, based on surveys performed by Palestinian survey companues:

  • Samuel Adams

    Every time a Palestinian leader opens his mouth, it simply confirms the fact that the only way get lasting peace is to simply pound these people to the point of utter capitulation and go from there. Inhumane in the short run, but much more humane in the long term.

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