The Oldest Hatred
British Supermarket Pulls Kosher Products After Mob Threat
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  • Andrew Allison

    As I noted in reference to the report of the protests in Paris, we need to know the ethnicity of the protestors — it they are Muslims, European anti-Semitism is too broad a brush. 40% of England’s Muslims live in London, where they make up more than 12.4% of the population versus 4% overall.

  • Philopoemen

    What a shockingly underhanded bait-and-switch from VM, although hardly a surprisingly one given the stridently pro-Israel tone here.

    Protestors were boycotting Israeli goods, not “Jewish” ones as you quasi-slanderously imply. The decision to empty the shelves of “Jewish” goods was the store’s.

    • bigfire

      You’re not anti-Jew. You’re just anti-Zionist. We get that. I for one do not see much differences. Be honest with yourself and you’ll be happier.

    • gur nischt

      You make that distinction, but for some among the UK antizio crowd the two are manifestly the same. Hence there’s this antizio guy who supports the removal of kosher food openly:

  • Rick Johnson

    The difference is this time it isn’t the indigenous Christians who are anti-semitic. It’s the more recently arrived and poorly integrated Muslims, along with local non-muslim lefties.

  • N Chew

    Give in to their demand, and endless demands will follow.

  • lukelea

    Ethnic breakdown please. What are we looking at?

  • Duperray

    Europe is progressively abiding to islamic charia rule due to politician cowardice and Justice authorities ideological leftist orientation. The irony of this lays into the fact that the great Left turn of european “intellectuals” started around 1950 was triggered and remote controlled from Moscow KGB, aiming at undermining western Europe democratic systems and pave the way for communist rule. They fail on political side but they wake up a strong latent destructive array of forces now in power, while Russia has now other targets.

  • BruceS

    Agree that Sainsbury’s response here was wrong and counterproductive. Do not agree with AI’s labeling of this incident as evidence of a rise in anti-semititism. Guardian’s photo shows ‘Boycott Isreal Now’ placard – this appears to have been the main sentiment – whatever you think of the protestor’s tactics.

    I choose not to buy Israeli-made goods as a protest againt the current policies of that state towards the Palestinian population. I also chose to boycott South African goods in that state’s aparteid days. The religious mix of the populous the states in each case are irrelevant to me.

    Labelling all anti-Israel protests as the work of antisemites devalues that term.

    • Avi_in_Jerusalem

      No Bruce. Unless you boycott all nation states involved in some sort of conflict, then why do you just pick on Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people? Why don’t you boycott Chinese made cloths as a protest against the Chinese government’s activities against the Ughirs or in Tibet? Why are you not boycotting the American government over the police attacks on blacks in Missouri?

      Anti semitism is not just Nazis rounding Jews up and pushing them on trains to resettlement in the east. Before the Nazis (and afterwards) people have specifically discriminated against Jews in a whole variety of nasty ways. This is an historical continuity of despicable behaviour.

    • Peter

      Do you boycott goods made in China? Russia? Syria? Do you boycott Harrods which is owned by Saudis? Do you boycott British and US goods over the tens of thousands of civilians killed by the US and UK forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan? If not, you are a racist, hypocrite.

  • Peter

    In response to Rick Johnson: it’s not just the new immigrants. Look at people like George Galloway, Baroness Jenny Tonge, Carly Churchill, Alan Rickman, Vanessa Redgrave, and so many other white British upper class lefties. Ditto the words and actions of Oxfam, HRW UK, and Amnesty International. They are the ones leading the pack.

  • Peter

    What I note mostly in the various world-wide protests denouncing Israel, be then in London, Sweden, Hungary, or by Presbyterian USA, is that the only voices in support of Israel and against the anti-Israel crowd are Jews. I do not see any organized support from any non-Jews or non-Jewish organizations. This is why I think it’s past time for all Jews to leave Europe and head to the US or Canada. (Except, of course, Ilan Pappe, Gilad Atzmon, and the Roses, who can stay to continue fanning the flames of hatred.)

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