The Oldest Hatred
Bernard-Henri Lévy: Europe Has an Anti-Semite Problem
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  • Andrew Allison

    Why is this surprising? The Paris metro area is home to 10% of the Muslims in Europe. Europe doesn’t just have anti-Semite problem, it has a Muslim problem. Clearly, a significant number of them put their religion ahead of their civic responsibilities.

    • f1b0nacc1

      All the more reason to wish for 1 big dirty nuke to be detonated in a target of my choice…

      • Corlyss

        They may just get it too, between Iran and Hamas.

        • Andrew Allison

          Corlyss, I hope that you realize who the target for an Iranian bomb, whoever actually delivers it, will be.

          • Corlyss

            Well, if you mean the US, I lived with the threat for 48 years in DC. It didn’t worry me then; it don’t worry me now: I’m inured. To hit the US, Iran would have to carry it in in a suitcase. NKor probably already can hit the US, and not just some rock piles off the Alaska coast.

            If you mean Israel, I have my doubts. They aren’t the Big Fish. They might be the second strike.

      • Andrew Allison

        Let’s make it a neutron bomb, which cleanly eliminated the contagion and leave the area habitable.

    • Corlyss

      “a significant number of them put their religion ahead of their civic responsibilities.”

      They aren’t being trained in their “civic responsibilities” anywhere in Europe. In view of the countries many immigrants come from, they certainly don’t bring with them any concept of “civic responsibilities.” Their new home countries consider it bad form to try to make new citizens loyal to any concept of shared history, national identity, or peculiarly suited governmental philosophy. Why, that might show some {{{{shudder}}}} national pride, which we all know leads inevitably to Auschwitz. Instead, they are not asked to compare and contrast to their home failed states with an eye to realizing why they should prefer their new home to their old. Rather they’re encouraged by Saudi-funded Imams to consider themselves islands of virtue in a sea of corruption and decadence that one day they will take over and begin correcting. Against an indifferent native population trained to multi-culti and rejections of their own historic worth, it’s easy to see why Europeans are so ill-equipped to address their immigrant problem.

    • rheddles

      Clearly, a significant number of them put their religion ahead of their civic responsibilities.

      Not so. They make no distinction between their religion and civic responsibilities. Their religion intends to encompass all political activity. They yearn for the Caliphate.

  • Duperray

    Europe closed its eyes in front of 50-year muslim immigration (should say “invasion”). They are now so many (above 15%) and so prolific that within 50 more years, all european originated populations would have disappeared, by emigration, de-natality or beheadings: Either violently like recently in Mosul city, or gradually like Lebanon or Turkey.
    No escape.

  • Breif2

    When the anti-Israel protests turn violent, it is a safe bet that those involved are Muslim (often second- or third-generation immigrants). But it is the “natives” who have been inciting them through disproportionate (to coin a word) coverage, who have often been marching with them arm-in-arm, and who are still minimizing and excusing their actions.

    But since I am a nice guy, here’s my attempt at defending “Europe”: Europeans aren’t anathemizing Israel’s self-defence because of anti-Semitism; they favor pre-emptive surrender as a matter of principle!

  • PDX_traveler

    And yet, having granted all of this, if Israel (not just its govt., not just Likudniks, but a majority of Israelis) will not, or cannot do anything to stop and reverse the encroaching settlement policy, if they will just point to the anti-Semitism in Europe and Hamas’ terrorism in Gaza and justify to themselves the justness of their cause, how empty is this argument? Shorn of all the intricate arguments, in recent times what it seems to come down to is this – Israelis would rather wish away the entire Palestinian population, wish they just disappeared into thin air, and leave the land behind for the Jewish state (or at least for the orthodox and the reformeds to fight over, I guess). I believe the best way to discredit Hamas and its dead end policies would have been to make an exemplary settlement with the Abbas Palestinian govt., but Israel seems to continue to behave as if treating Hamas as being representative of the Palestinians is a better strategy. In that, the Likudniks are pursuing just as dead-end of a policy…

    • Jojo Jobxyzone

      Wishful thinking. The sad truth is that if Israel were to agree to all of Abbas’ demands verbatim, remove all the Jews from the west bank, make it “ethnically clean” and go back to the 67 borders, it would get Hamas (or ISIS) as rulers in newly formed Palestine. Been there. Done That. In Gaza. In Lebanon.

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