The Oldest Hatred
Does Anti-Semitism Make You Poor?
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  • Kevin

    Interesting – especially the very long time frames.

    Which comes first – anti-Semitism or bad experiences in the market?

    Or is it a spurious causation and there in fact is some third factor which causes both?

    Does this behavior (applied to other commercially minded minorities) also occur in regions with no Jews -East Asia for example?

    • Andrew Allison

      Could it be that certain people want to blame somebody for their dissatisfaction and Jews (like the US citizens of Japanese descent after Pearl Harbor) are an easily-identifiable “other”?

      • CailinM

        Absolutely. From such dissatisfaction came Marxism and the sinister “equalization of suffering.” (Of course, the proponents of the latter have no intention of taking their share)

    • Corlyss

      Jews are frugal and clean and smart. That works against them in primitive societies and most definitely in times of trouble when tribalism abounds. They will always be The Other everywhere but their homeland, and now the world elites have turned them into The Other even in their own homeland. Their lot is not a happy one. We should all be relieved that they are as stubbornly loyal to their adopted lands as they are. If they ever got as sick of us as they must be of their predictable persecution, we’d be in a foul way. I’m reminded of an incident recounted in Justice at Nuremberg, the book by Robert Conot. It concerns the German Army’s tribulations trying to produce military goods in one of the captive nations. The Abwehr went to the SS and pleaded with them to stop rounding up the Jewish factory workers carting them off because they were the floor bosses and the management in the factories. Without them, factory production tanked. The Jews kept a lot of people alive and working under incredibly difficult circumstances.

  • Uncle_Dan

    “Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools,” and “socialism is the anti-Semitism of intellectuals.” Envy and resentment are as old as Cain and Abel, and the hatred of the “moneychangers” has a long history. Moreover, timid people who
    do not take risks will naturally resent those who succeed by doing so. It’s still the same old story, and they’re still falling for it.

    • ontheleftcoast

      And National Socialism combined the two, appealing to fools and intellectuals both. Götz Aly’s recent book, Why The Germans? Why the Jews? proposes that another seed of envy and resentment was the desire for equality of outcome which is how the Socialist elites sell the program to the fools.

      • KimJongUn

        The great Bismarck was a salon anti-semite. You think he was envious? Of Bleichröder?

        • ontheleftcoast

          Being a Lutheran aristocrat, some form of antisemitism would have been the norm in his family. Did he attach that to individuals he disliked? Probably; was it a major motivation for him? Was he a serious religious, ideological or Volkisch antisemite? Probably not. He was a political opportunist who used antisemitism as a weapon against his political opponents.

    • KimJongUn

      “socialism is the anti-Semitism of intellectuals.” So why are so many Jews socialists then?

      • ontheleftcoast

        One good attempt to answer your question:

      • Loader2000

        He is not saying that socialism is anti-Semitism. What he is saying is that they both have their root in envy and that the envy which manifests itself as anti-Semitims in the less educated, manifests itself as socialism in intellectuals. I think there may be some truth to that, but, buy and large, he is incorrect. Socialism is rooted in that fact that we evolved (or at least act as if we evolved) from tribal hunter-gather societies in which socialism WAS the most efficient method running the tribe. In other words, even though socialism is a terrible way of running a huge, division of labor, non-tribal, art producing, space-faring, hyper-specialized society, we still have instincts in that direction. That is why is just ‘feels’ right to a lot of us.

  • Corlyss

    “it is evidence of an inability to understand a complex world.”
    Interesting. I’ve always thought of that as a definition of cynicism about politics, esp. when conspiracy theorists thrive.

  • lukelea

    Correlation does not mean causation. Poor people are generally dumber than average. Maybe being dumb is the source of anti-Semitism?

    • Rabbi Burns

      maybe anti-semitism and idiocy have a common root?

      • CailinM

        Idiocy knows no bounds 🙂 Substitute “brainwashed” or the like.

    • CailinM

      The article cites an academic study supporting this conclusion; the better the data, the greater the credibility (probability). What data supports your assertion that poor people are dumber?

  • RD

    This is all well and good, but it misses the most fundamental and important point, that God hates antisemitism (couldn’t have anything to do with Jesus being a Jew, what?!), and He controls all things, including all wealth. God save us, Soli Deo gloria! Fools forget their arms are too short to box with Him, not to mention far too powerless

  • steve baker

    WOW! Is that a stretch, or WHAT?

    • KimJongUn

      “Households in counties that experienced at least one pogrom in 1349 are two percentage points less likely to invest in stocks.” Talking about a stretch.

  • David Tiffany

    Anti-Semitism makes you cursed.

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