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Trump's Cabinet
Is AG Sessions a Good Thing for Immigration Reform?

The Senate’s foremost immigration hawk is now Attorney General. Could that be a good thing for pro-immigrant advocates?

information revolution
We Don’t Have the Tools to Measure the New Economy

Our measures of economic growth and wealth may not fully account for the improvements taking place in our lives.

The Art of the Deal
US vs. China: First Round to Trump

Trump Derangement Syndrome obscures a small reality: in the first round of exchanges between Trump and Xi, it is advantage Trump.

Donald Trump's World
“Negative Polls” and the Essence of Populism

Above all, Trump’s populism represents a daunting political challenge to his opponents.

Ukraine Flareup
How to Profit from a Standoff with the United States

By stoking war in Ukraine, the Russian President is trying to get the United States into negotiating on his terms. Meanwhile, his closest cronies are set to make a lot of money from the surge in violence .

U.S.-Israel Relations
Trump’s Statement on Settlements Doesn’t Mean What You Think

There were lots of ways in which the Obama years weren’t good for Bibi, but the hatred of settlements is Washington was politically useful for him.

Euro Division
Europeans Back Trump’s German Grievances

In taking on the destructive consequences of Germany’s export economy, the Trump Administration has a real point.

Refugee Politics
Trump’s Australia Imbroglio

Trump’s diplomatic blowup with the Australian Prime Minister is a reminder that the politics of refugees can’t be wished away.

Pres. Trump's Wall
Nemesis Comes for the Immigration Reformers

President Trump’s executive order reveals a generational failure in governance.

No Left Left
The Left Has Lost the Working Class

Democrats can no longer claim to represent the people who don’t own the means of production.

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Recent Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff

Trump voters were right that the nation needs change and that the “best and the brightest” are failing the nation the way they did during the Vietnam War.

Mullah Mismanagement

Many multi-ethnic states have broken down over the past 150 years, and Iran risks going the same way.

Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day is a holiday about nobody that teaches nothing.

Crude Economics

They’re cutting consumption at home to keep exports up.


Europe’s elections may not offer the fertile ground for “fake news” that is commonly assumed.

the trillion dollar question

A massive infrastructure package is high on the administration’s list of priorities, but actually bringing this idea to fruition will be harder than it looks.

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