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Sean Keeley
Another Adventure
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Is This Russia’s Opening Move in Libya?

If so, it could be a repeat of the Syria strategy: do just enough to achieve an acceptable outcome.

Erdogan and Europe
The EU Has a New Enemy

Turkey and the West are undergoing an increasingly acrimonious divorce, with both sides shedding former illusions about their shared values and interests.

Manchurian Candidate?
Trump Names Putin Hawk to NSC

While the press is consumed with the Jeff Sessions story, Trump appears to have appointed Fiona Hill in a prominent role at the NSC.

Straight Talk
Former Ambassador to China Unloads on Obama

The former ambassador in Beijing has laid bare the failures of Obama’s China policy. But does Trump offer a better way forward?

New World Order
Ukraine Reckons With Trump

Will Trump’s election and a surge of fighting in the east put Ukraine’s leaders in a deal-making mood with Russia? Don’t count on it.

The Art of the Deal
Could Trump Pry Russia and Iran Apart?

The outlines for how the Trump Administration thinks a “reset” with Russia might work are coming into focus. The chances for it actually working remain lower than most think.

Year In Review
The Eight Great Powers of 2017

In 2016, Russia surpassed Germany, and Israel joined the list for the first time.

Intel Wars
Beyond the “Flynn Probe”

There doesn’t appear to be much to the so-called Flynn Probe itself, but it hints to a deeply dysfunctional dynamic existing between the intelligence community and the new Trump Administration.

Tightening the Belt
Russia No Longer A Top 5 Defense Spender

Russia is increasingly flexing its military muscle on the world stage these days, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the raw numbers.

Liberal Disorder
The ICC’s Credibility Crisis Laid Bare

Six years after charging Sudan’s president with genocide, the ICC still has no leverage in securing his arrest.

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Recent Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Red Tape

Trump is ready to streamline energy regulations, but that won’t be a big help to oil companies’ bottom line.

He Said He Said

All corruption revelations are due to tactical leaking in Russia. So who’s out to get Dmitry Medvedev?

Nuclear Strategy

A technical fix to America’s aging warheads could raise tensions with Russia by undermining its nuclear deterrent.

K-12 Blues

Teenagers from abroad overwhelmingly think that American schools demand less of them than schools in their home countries.

Crude Economics

Riyadh is effectively ceding market share directly to US frackers.

travails of Trumpcare

The GOP Congressional caucus is in chaos as it tries to ram through Obamacare repeal.

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