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Damir Marusic
Putin’s “Compatriots”

How Moscow manipulates the Russian diaspora in Eastern Europe to gain influence and sometimes territory.

Pipeline Politics
What TurkStream Means

Turkey gets discount gas, but Russia gets to turn the screws on Ukraine while securing its hold on the European market—for now.

Pipeline Politics
Why Is Gazprom So Intent on Nord Stream 2?

It’s a big geopolitical gamble, with huge potential upsides for the Kremlin.

Not Down With TPP
Trade Deal Faces Headwinds in Japan

As America gets nervous about trade, Asian leaders start to feel pushback at home.

Migrant Backlash
The Next Referendum on Merkel’s Migrant Policies

The AfD is surging ahead of a vote in Berlin.

Universalism vs. Pragmatism
<> on May 8, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.
Orban Doubles Down on Migrant Hard Line

Hungary’s PM stance on migrants has long given Brussels the vapors. His doubling down points to real trouble ahead for the EU.

The Sanctions Dance
The Battle Lines are Being Drawn

Putin’s threat of violence is triggering an appeasement reflex across European capitals: Slovakia’s Fico says EU sanctions on Russia should be lifted.

Syrian Slaughterhouse
Turkey Sets Its Sights on the Kurds

Turkey has sent tanks and special forces into Syria, ostensibly to punish ISIS, but perhaps more importantly to halt the Kurds. And neither the U.S. nor Russia are complaining about it.

Of Temper Tantrums
Europeans Give Putin Just What He Asked For

Two weeks ago, Putin gave a speech where he pretty much demanded Ukraine’s leaders not be included in future discussions of its fate. The Europeans appear to have given in, at least for the next meet-up.

Ukraine Crisis
Lavrov Ratchets Down the Rhetoric?

Maybe Putin was just rattling his saber after all.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Déjà vu all over again.

Public Opinion

A new Gallup poll registers big increases in respect for police, including among Democrats and nonwhites.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Both Washington and Manila are doing damage control in the wake of Duterte’s latest comments, but the real test is yet to come.


Even the New York Times is beginning to acknowledge Obama’s sorry legacy in the Middle East.

beyond blue

Financial literacy has to become a basic element of the U.S. educational system.


The inability to pass the easiest of trade deals with Canada speaks to a deeper structural crisis at the heart of the continent.

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