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The French Vote
Low Turnout and Macron’s Partial Victory
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  • Pait

    It is likely that supporters of the traditional right and left parties saw that at this point Macron’s party is the safest alternative, and let him win without enthusiasm. I guess that one or both will come back at the next electoral cycle, depending on which way things go.

    The good thing for democracy is that the far right and far left, which were to a large extent aligned, lost despite Putin’s attempt to interfere. The French learned something from America and will carry the torch of freedom until the Anglos are ready to rejoin.

    • Tom

      They’ll find it considerable heavier than they thought it was, if forced to do so. Fortunately, your doomsday scenario regarding Britain and the US is unlikely to come to pass.

      • Pait

        Let’s agree that the failure of the French to surrender to the combined forces of the far-right and the far-left makes it less likely that America or England will do it. Both took the 1st steps, but will probably turn back.

        • Tom

          Errr…no, mostly because we still need to see if Macron can deliver the goods. If he can’t, the crazies will return.

          • Pait

            True. The nonvoters could move to the far right or far left if things get bad.

    • Isaiah6020

      It is easier to tell yourself that Putin is hiding under the bed than to face the reality that in large portions of the country they just simply don’t like you. The fact that you exhibit all these TDS symptoms and spouting conspiracy theories on the same day there’s a TAI article once again blowing your theory to Kingdom Come is delightful on so many levels. I don’t know about you, but the irony of the situation is not lost on me.

      • Pait

        It’s sad that hatred has become the norm. I suppose I’m idealizing this country when I think that at some point “they don’t like you” was an acceptable explanation for voting choices.

        Or perhaps I’m idealizing it now when I believe that hatred, though I know it exists, is a localized phenomenon, particular to people who, well, hate.

  • Jim__L

    Isn’t there also an option for the people who DO vote to mark a box saying, “I don’t like any of these guys”?

    • ——————————

      Or they can just write someone in…like Pepe Le Pew…..

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    44% = Apathetic

  • boonteetan

    How would one call that a landslide victory when only 43% of the eligible voters cast their votes? This is a government of the minority, by the minority, for the minority. This seems to be the fashionable trend in many countries nowadays.

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