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Rachel Hostyk
Can Trump Destroy Obamacare in Two Simple Moves?

If you game it out, it’s not certain he will be able to pull it off.

Getting Screened
Telemedicine’s Constituents: Vets and ’Rents

The VA is one of the frontrunners in telemedicine implementation, and may lead the way for regulatory reform that benefits the general public. Meanwhile, there’s another eager constituency for the technology—parents and schools.

Doc in a Box

An almost self-service medical clinic in the U.K. points the way toward cheaper and faster health care.

A New Sultan in Town
Putin Tames Turkey?

It’s not Turkey’s economic future but its present politics that weighs most heavily on Erdogan. And Putin can lighten or increase his burden at will.

When the Customers Don't Come
Private Colleges’ No-Show Business

Sweet Briar College, a well-regarded liberal arts school in Virginia, is closing down. Other private colleges have tried the same “high tuition, high discount” strategy—but how long will the customers come?

Out of Many
Does France’s “Muslim Community” Exist?

France’s Muslims don’t have the established institutions or communal voice that many presume exists.

The Academic Coin Toss

Most newly minted English PhDs don’t wind up at the sort of jobs they’re trained for, if they get an academic job at all. Think academia will change its ways? Think again.

Of Peers and Pensions
Rhode Island’s Pension Roundabout

A challenge to Rhode Island’s 2011 pension reform is winding its way through the courts—and if there’s no settlement soon, it will be tried by jury.

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Daily Feed
Hugging the News Cycle
Pressuring Pyongyang

Treasury turns up the heat on Pyongyang’s enablers in Moscow and Beijing.

April 8 2024

This year’s total solar eclipse was fun, but the next one will expose solar power’s biggest weakness.

German Election Watch

With her opponents already on the back foot, Merkel takes aim at the former SDP leader’s Russian business ties.

Poisoning the Well

Turkey’s President Erdogan has declared that all three of Germany’s largest parties are the enemies of Turks.

How do you solve a problem like Korea?

As Chinese businessmen protest the latest sanctions, will China’s cooperation on North Korea last?


If you game it out, it’s not certain he will be able to pull it off.

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