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A New Sultan in Town
Putin Tames Turkey?
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  • JR

    Nature abhors a vacuum. You can’t have Obama give away power without somebody else taking it. That’s the hard truth, boys and girls. The good news is that Putin is playing an extremely clever game with a really bad hand. Because shale, baby!!!!!!!!

    • Jim__L

      Obama’s policies have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Hillary’s policies would be more of the same.

      Shale is great, but unless Trump wins the presidency this fall (God help us), that will be irrelevant.

  • adk

    The arguably most stunning news in all these developments is the the total absence of the West (both US and EU). Think about that: we and the EU give countless billions of dollars to Israel and Palestinians, Jordan and Egypt (Russia gave none); Israel and Turkey are our allies (not Russia’s), in the last two plus decades, we’ve been fighting almost non-stop shooting wars in that region — and apparently we are seen at best irrelevant to the decisions our allies and adversaries are making.

    But I’m sure there are Western diplomats out there hard at work at organizing yet another grand conference on the “Israeli-Palestinian peace process”.

    • Jim__L

      This is because Obama disavowed all advantages that our shooting wars provided, and our Secretaries of State (Kerry and Clinton) have not been competent.

      Elections matter.

  • Pete

    The Turkeys deserve a good spanking

  • Angel Martin

    Putin patching things up with Turkey means that the future just got darker for the Baltic States and Ukraine.

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