Can Trump Destroy Obamacare in Two Simple Moves?
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  • FriendlyGoat

    “Indeed, the Administration may soon try to throw the program into enough turmoil that Republican voters will pressure their representatives to fix it this fall. But will it work?”

    Excellent question. As they (we) say in all hedged responses, the answer is “it depends”. On what? 1) On how mad people find themselves becoming about other matters from side issues like Charlottesville to main course business like the actual details of budgets and tax reform. 2) On what the GOP might want to propose THIS time for the supposed “fix” to ACA. 3) On whether the president really can unilaterally throw monkey wrenches into gears without anyone noticing that he is doing so. 4) On whether insurers and the medical community are willing to be jerked around without going rogue against the entirety of conservatism (because it is increasingly nuts).

  • LarryD

    Revoke all of the Obama waivers.

    • JamesDrouin

      Or, give every man, woman, and child a waiver.

  • Isaiah6020

    “The expansion of premium taxes could attract people to the exchanges and away from employer health plans.” If you think that’s enough incentive for people to switch from employer provided healthcare and go to an exchange, then you need to get out a bit more and get to know some of the people who are already on the exchanges.

  • JamesDrouin

    “Can Trump Destroy Obamacare in Two Simple Moves?”

    Yes, U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer has already ruled the CSRs as “illegal”, and the waivers are issued by Executive Authority.

    So, please President Trump, play “smash-mouth” with Congress.

  • Jonathan Dembo

    They way to destroy Obamacare is readily available to Trump. In order to placate pro-Democratic organizations, especially the labor unions, Obama granted these organizations the right to keep their “gold plated” health insurance policies, that are strictly forbidden to most Americans under Obamacare. Obama did this by Executive Order and President Trump could undo it the same way. All these Democratic organizations would then immediately put pressure on Democratic senators to restore their health plans. This would give Trump and the Republicans in Congress the leverage necessary to eliminate Obamacare in a bi-partisan manner.

  • charlesrwilliams

    The law as written does not allow subsidies for policies purchased on the federal exchange. Trump can discontinue them.

  • Marc Epstein

    I’ve been told that the fine collection process is so cumbersome, that enforcement is already lax. Is there a way to confirm this anecdotal evidence?

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