A First for Kenya and for Africa
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  • Tom

    Is anyone surprised by the fact that John Kerry and the Carter Center missed these irregularities? Anyone?
    Seriously, who takes John Kerry seriously?

    • Boritz

      John Kerry goes into a bar. The bartender says Why the long face?

  • Angel Martin

    “Some showed surprisingly high turnout (100 percent in places) and curiously monolithic support…”

    Does this refer to Kenya? Or Philadelphia and Detroit ?

    • Bystander

      No, Philly and Detroit would have been 105% to 110%.

  • Andrew Allison

    Um, Carter is a former President, Kerry a former Obama Secretary of State, i.e. it’s not American favoritism at work but un-American favoritism by Democratic political hacks.

    • D4x

      Kenya’s election was August 8, 2017. What is remarkable is how fast Justice works in Kenya.
      A quick read of the NYRB link, posted August 30, 2017, 1:46 pm builds an interesting case of Pres. Trump continuing the “meddling” policies of Obama/Kerry, but with far more damnation of the latter, and of Kenya’s “notoriously corrupt judiciary”:.

      “…observer teams from the African Union, the European Union, and the highly respected US-based
      Carter Center, led by former Secretary of State John Kerry, commended the
      electoral process and said they’d seen no evidence of significant fraud.
      Congratulations poured in from around the world and Donald Trump praised the
      elections as fair and transparent. …

      Despite the growing evidence that the election was a fraud,
      Kenya’s notoriously corrupt judiciary may dismiss the case.
      … Another rigged election in Africa is not news. But that US
      election observers were so quick to endorse it is shocking. Perhaps they
      believed that wrapping the election up quickly would prevent violence.

      Last spring, Kenyatta’s party hired, for a reported $6 million,
      the data research firm Cambridge Analytica, which helped elect Donald Trump and
      sway Britain’s Brexit vote. Cambridge Analytica’s parent company is Strategic
      Communications Limited, which is now working for the State Department. Articles
      in Slate and Politico suggest that SCL has in the past engaged in
      disinformation campaigns to sway elections in developing countries.

      The US government has a disturbing history of meddling in
      the politics of developing countries; during the cold war, it also influenced
      some of our most prominent editors and journalists to downplay human rights
      abuses committed by its undemocratic allies. In countries like Kenya, where
      important US interests are at stake, the onslaught of mass-media distortions,
      and biased international election observers and Western-backed NGOs, suggest
      the possibility of concerted strategy. …”

      [It was worth my time to see if Trump had actually said anything at the time:]

      “Obama shows Trump how to be presidential”
      By Jill FilipovicUpdated 5:38 PM ET, Tue August 8, 2017

      “…Trust — in politicians, in the integrity of the political
      system — remains low. Fear — that the vote will be compromised, that
      unscrupulous leaders will inflame the public — runs high.

      Enter a true global leader: Barack Obama. …

      “I urge all Kenyans to work for an election — and aftermath — that is peaceful and credible, reinforcing confidence in your new
      Constitution and the future of your country,” he said in a statement.
      “Any disputes around the election should be resolved peacefully, through Kenya’s institutions and the rule of law.”

      President Donald Trump has had nothing to say about the
      election. He’s spent this week on vacation, tweeting about a senator who
      criticized him and complaining, yet again, about the “fake news” of
      every reputable news source in the country.

      His presidency has become an international embarrassment, …”

      [No personal words by Trump, just the press statement:]

      Guess CNN will just have to move on to the threat posed by pony-tails and baseball caps :), at least until 09/11, when the Senate confirmation hearing of Jon Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia might begin, unless NorK nukes itself by mistake…

      • Andrew Allison

        I couldn’t agree more about the USA’s disturbing history of meddling in
        the politics of developing countries. However, what we have here is a blatant disregard of the facts by Clowns Carter and Kerry. Lest we forget, Kenyatta’s father, Jomo Kenyatta, led the brutal Mau Mau rebellion which resulted in independence from Britain and Obama’s father was Kenyan. In other words, the Kenyatta name is saintly to the Democratic establishment.

        • D4x

          Groupthink, what with the AU & EU teamed up with Carter Center.
          It’s not like Jimmy Carter was personally involved, although discrediting the Carter Center is good. Obama/Kerry can take the heat for Dem ‘saints’.
          Kenya will NOT be in the news this week, but always nice to discredit the meme about ‘interference in elections’.
          See you elsewhere!

  • Kilroyishere

    Sounds like the Democrats (Kerry and the Carter Center) tally votes in Kenya like they tally them here in the States. Fraudulent votes are not a problem, but a feature. Makes me wonder who will be disinfranchised in Kenya when the voter roles are cleaned up (illegals, blacks)? The Dems sure put up a fight anytime cleaning up voter rolls are mentioned here. I’m really concerned about the role Antifa will play in the next election. Will the blue states allow them outside polling places, like Obama allowed the Black Panthers? Final thought, why are the Republicans red and Democrats blue? Red has always been the color for communism, “the red scare,” so it seems backward to me.

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