Modern-Day Slavery
NYT Wakes Up to Racism Against Africans in Libya
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  • Isaiah6020

    Going to NYT for actual news? Well, at least we identified the mistake.

  • Paul Lies

    Nope. Only whites ever held slaves. Only whites are racist. Why? Because whites (white males) are the only force on the planet that have ever really dissected government, and advocated for small government. Anybody on welfare needs expansion of state power. Anybody interested in big government for any other reason including corporations, therefore, tend to not like white males even if they are white male themselves

  • FriendlyGoat

    So, we find that it only took Christians four hundred years to be pried away from their Atlantic slavery businesses, but Muslims have gone fourteen hundred years without giving it up yet? That IS the takeaway here, right? Very insightful stuff when boiled down to religious values in practice.

    • three_chord_sloth

      Muhammed was a slaver.

      Since Muhammed is eternally considered the ideal human among Muslims, Islam will likely never eliminate slavery. They may, as is the case today, push it underground for a while… but only after unrelenting pressure from the West. And since the West is growing weaker by the day, that pressure will fade, leaving the Islamic world once again free to trade in human flesh, as their founder did back in the day.

      • FriendlyGoat

        I agree with you about the general worthlessness of Mohammad and his collection of sayings for the modern world. I don’t agree that we must cede the slavery argument to his followers, though, even if they do exist in hordes.

  • Andrew Allison

    Merkel bears responsibility for this and the other ills of uncontrolled migration. Essentially all the sub-Saharan migrants are economic, and the longer they are permitted to enter Europe, the worse the flood and its attendant horrors will become.

  • There are two issues that don’t get treatment here, I think. (1) The slave trade requires, not only supply by kidnap and extortion, but also demand. There are people out there who actually expect to buy other people in open stands like they were vegetables. The same as Mosul: attention justifiably went to the ISIS thugs who enslaved the women, but the horror of a society where apparently normal people just go out to buy slaves has been overlooked. (2) ‘Racism’. The Black/White divide is basically an American preoccupation. It has known roots i American history and is understandable by reference to that context. But it’s not shared worldwide. The hard left are trying to export that category elsewhere. I wouldn’t play along, in spite of the temptation to score cheap points. Yes, some people are ‘racist’ in the American sense. Most would not even understand where the term comes from. They enslave people from other societies because they are from other societies (which is actually an opening for optimism, as their reluctance to enslave their own means that they understand that something is rotten with the notio), whether these other societies are separated by kinship, religion, political affiliation or whatever. They don’t necessarily hold a worldview that’s compatible with (say) Western notions of supermacism. There are different types of total jerks out there. Calling them by names familiar from one’s setting solves nothing.

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