Karina Orlova
Contributing Writer
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Controlling the Narrative
How the Kremlin Turns Tragedy into Talking Points

The Kremlin reacted very differently when Russia’s own airliner was brought down by a terror attack last year. Here’s why.

The Kleptocracy Archive
Documenting Theft on a Grand Scale

A brand new online document repository seeks to be a vital resource for journalists, scholars, and law enforcement agents looking to understand how dirty foreign money is corrupting our own system.

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Mafia State Watch
Bloodbath in a Cemetery

The wild Russian 90s are back, replete with murders, racketeering, and criminal-fueled chaos.

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Putin's Power Projection
Potemkin Villages

Russia talks a big game on the world stage. But at home, Putin’s kleptocratic system is stifling the great leader’s ambitions.

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Duma to Restrict Foreign Travel for Russians

Back to the USSR? Not at all. This is just the Putin regime’s latest means of suppressing dissent.

Mafia State Watch
Putin’s Huff-and-Puff Ploy

A Russian businessman, who is suing Gazprom and Lukoil, opens up about the Panama Papers, shady dealings in Putin’s Saint Petersburg of the 1990s, and the Russian President’s bluffing strategy.

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Mafia State Watch
Putin’s Panama Papers Problem

The Russian President is said to be very unhappy with how an influential, privately-owned Russian business media outlet is covering the story. A crackdown is underway.

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Russia's Future
Who Would Dethrone the Tsar?

Russia’s history shows that palace coups almost always happen first. The people’s revolution comes later.

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