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Begging for Relief
Putin’s Banker Works the Hill
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  • PKCasimir

    Why are those (ahem) bozos we elect to Congress even meeting with these thugs? Payback to some American Lobbyist firm?

    • Kevin

      Lobbyists and PR people who work for despots are pretty despicable and in general I would favor restrictions or sanctions on this ugly practice.

      However, negotiating with the Russians over what a settlement of this mess in Crimea and eastern Ukraine might look like is prudent. We’re not seeking unconditional surrender in Moscow, just something approximating the status quo ante (possibly with some face saving terms), and reinforcing this message with Putin and his underlings and associates is reasonable. We should let them know that they don’t need to do or die here – they should know we will be resolute standing up against what they are doing to alter European boundaries by force, but will allow them a graceful exit when they have had enough. (If Obama had developed a reputation abroad for determination and steeliness he might find this much easier to deliver credibly – to be snarky: a little more Thucydides in that Western Civ course might have helped.)

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