Charles Edel
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The View From Down Under
Reading the Tea Leaves in Canberra

Political chaos in Australia masks growing political cohesion on national security issues—and a hardening line on China.

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Collective Security?
The China Challenge

There is a growing consensus among Western governments about the risks posed by China’s security, industrial, and commercial policies.

Asian Futures
Limiting Chinese Aggression: A Strategy of Counter-Pressure

Five strategic fallacies are causing us to overlook a range of options for deterring Beijing.

The Open Society and Its Enemies
China’s Influence Game Down Under

China’s sophisticated infiltration of Australian politics is a troubling example of how authoritarian states can subvert open societies. The United States should heed the lesson.

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Presidential Power
Doing the Impossible

Jeremi Suri’s The Impossible Presidency grounds contemporary debates about the presidency in a historical understanding of the office—and shows why its recent occupants don’t measure up.

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Asia's Game of Thrones
The Pacific Power

Michael Green’s By More Than Providence is an insightful study—combining theory, history, and experience—of American grand strategy in Asia. It’s also a practical guide for extending American influence and power in the region.

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