Alina Polyakova
Face to Face
There Is No Art of the Deal in Helsinki

There is no “grand bargain” on Syria and Ukraine on offer. Not even a smaller one—just focusing on Syria—is likely to work.

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Pressuring Putin
The West Must Step Up Russia Sanctions

The Trump Administration’s newest sanctions are another step in the right direction. But after the attack in the UK, much more can and should be done to deter Moscow.

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Don’t Rehabilitate Obama on Russia

President Trump’s boasts about him being tougher on Russia than his predecessor may ring hollow—but they’re true.

Too Little Too Late?
Social Media’s Half-Measures

Facebook, Twitter, and Google testified last week about Russian meddling in U.S. elections. Their proposed remedies don’t go nearly far enough.

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Election Aftermath
Austria Swings Right

Austria may yet prove to be a template for how politics will increasingly work across Europe.

What Macron Means
The Youth Vote and the Future of Europe

The EU is at risk of creating a new lost generation—adrift without purpose, apathetic, without vision, and ripe for firebrand politicians to mobilize them.

Supply Side
The Specter Haunting France (and Europe)

France’s election is showing how the big political story across Europe is less the rise of populism than the utter collapse of the Left.

Unpacking the "Trump Effect"
Will Populist Leaders Make Voters Love Putin?

Despite recent shifts, most voters still don’t like Russia. But dislike for the establishment is strong and growing, and Vladimir Putin is exploiting the opening.

Justice for the Victims of Flight MH17

The just-released Dutch-led report on the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine should bolster the case for renewing sanctions on Putin’s lawless regime.

After Austria
Playing With Fire

Austria’s presidential elections last week should be a wake-up call to centrist European parties. Did they get the message?

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