Adam Garfinkle
The Middle East & Beyond

The past few days have borne much sadness for us here at The American Interest. Two of our esteemed authors have passed away: Dame Mary Douglas died in London at age 86 on Wednesday, May 16, and Eugen Weber died in Los Angeles at age 82 on Thursday, May 17. As our readers know, Professor […]

Good God!

Not that anyone asked me, but I was appalled by Michael Kinsley’s “cover” review (entitled “God, Distrust”) of the new Christopher Hitchens book (God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything) in yesterday’s New York Times Book Review. It’s one thing for the NYT Book Review to be so very brave as to get one […]

My Walkin’ Shoes Don’t Fit Me Anymore

There’s an old upbeat country/bluegrass song called “My Walkin’ Shoes Don’t Fit Me Anymore.” Well, that song has new meaning for me this morning, because yesterday I and a few thousand other people completed the Washington, DC 2007 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. That’s 26.3 miles on Saturday, and 13.2 miles Sunday morning. That’s more […]

The First Duty of Honest Men

Critics of recent Administration tactics on Korea and Iran protest too much—sometimes way too much.

Two for the Show

Boris Yeltsin climbed a tank Though his breath from vodka strongly stank. Just goes to show that bravery’s call May be heard by one and all. David Halberstam met his fate Meeting Y.A. Tittle for a date. The best and the brightest all pass away, The errors greater for their sway. Nobody’s perfect, to be […]

Culture Prints

I‘ve been too busy lately to contribute to blog, or so I’ve told myself. I have still not gotten entirely used to moving from a quarterly to a bi-monthly schedule, and my limited management skills have been manifest in the process. “Too busy” may therefore really mean “not very well organized”, but whatever the reasons […]

A Letter From Birmingham Dale

Ken Jensen, Executive Director of the American Committees on Foreign Relations, brings us this account of TAI‘s recent sojourn in Birmingham, Alabama:For two days in October 2006, The American Interest’s Frank Fukuyama, Adam Garfinkle and Charles Davidson, TAI contributor Raymond Baker, and America Abroad Media’s Aaron Lobel traveled to Birmingham, Alabama, to talk foreign policy […]

The Madness of Jewcentricity

Are Jews special, or do too many people just think they are?

Perry Anderson Reviews Frank in The Nation

In the current (April 24) issue of The Nation, Perry Anderson reviews Francis Fukuyama’s new book. Being what The Nation is, and Perry Anderson being Perry Anderson, the result is not surprising – except for one thing. On the last page of the review (p. 29, as it happens), Anderson writes that the best that […]

Alone in a Crowd

A lunch in Berlin (nearly) gets out of hand.

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