Jonas Parello-Plesner
(Lintao Zhang/Pool/Getty Images)
The Oil Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom
China’s Gulf Connection

A new book offers a helpful primer on Beijing’s deepening relationships in the Gulf.

(Sean Gallup / Getty Images)
U.S.-China Relations
The Wireless Great Power Rivalry

Don’t be fooled by cheery tweets about trade breakthroughs. The Huawei arrest shows that the Trump Administration’s wheels are turning toward full-blown competition with China.

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Foreign Meddling
China’s LinkedIn Honey Traps

While the headlines focus on Russian meddling on Twitter and Facebook, the Chinese have embraced LinkedIn as a tool for spying and influence operations.

(Dondi Tawatao/Getty Images)
"Facts on the Water"
Will the South China Sea Become a Chinese Lake?

Twelve days at sea on a French warship provide occasion to ponder what lies ahead for the disputed waterway.

USS John S. McCain in the South China Sea (Wikimedia Commons)
Troubled Waters
Reading the South China Sea

Two recent books offer a helpful guide to Southeast Asia’s most complex maritime dispute.

news analysis
Raising the Red Flag
The Curious Case of Mr. Wang and the United Front

How a recent think tank controversy reveals America’s own vulnerability to Chinese influence operations—and the need for a serious public debate on the issue.

China Down Under
Fifty Shades of Red

Clive Hamilton’s Silent Invasion is a vital wake-up call about the threat of Chinese influence operations—but its policy prescriptions are painted in very broad brushstrokes.

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