Obama Gets Tough on Syria, Cancels Assad’s Library Card
Published on: May 30, 2012
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  • Adam, I agree with your analysis that Turkey is the only actor in the Levant capable and interested in an intervention. A NATO-blessed Turkish intervention is the best available option. However, because the generals and the Alawite see their fate tied to Assad, a limited intervention will not prompt a coup as you claimed. Pivotal actors will not defect unless they see the regimes’s downfall as inevitable. Whence, nothing short of a military intervention to topple the regime is going to be credible. A good case can therefore be made for US air strikes and assembling a large international contingent of peacekeepers before the Turks go in. Do you agree?

  • “October 1973 Middle East War” — Why have people these days stopped calling it the Yom Kippur War? Surely it’s a helpful historic term. It’s unique-sounding so helps stay in mind. It’s in Hebrew so we can guess who won. It’s a more specific and therefore useful date than merely October. And it was a war started very deliberately on that particular day. So why not use the term?

    I’m guessing it’s a phase, some sort of attempt to appear objective, and that we’ll return to the war’s historic name in a few years.

    • KE

      “Yom Kippur War” is not the “historic” name. From 1973 on there have been multiple names depending on your location. IN addition to Yom Kippus and October War it is also known as the Ramadan War and the Fourth Arab-Israeli War. All the war, particularly those in the Middle East, have multiple names.

      And if your interest is in conveying the most info it seems to me October 73 Middle Eats War does it. As someone who teaches this stuff I can tell you if you asked college students when the Yom Kippur War was and who fought they would have no clue. The author’s term at least gets general geography, month and year.

  • KE, I quite like October 73 Middle Eats War! (The Battle of Hummous, the Green vs the Black Olives, etc.) Better than Yom Kippus at any rate. But seriously, there’s a variety of terms to be sure, but at least to date “Yom Kippur War” is the primary one; Google “Ramadan War” for example and the first entry (from here in the UK at least) is Yom Kippur War at Wikipedia. So if your college students are remaining unfamiliar with the term, they must be reading what can only be described as an extremely carefully selected collection of texts.

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