More Syria Policy Failure
Published on: May 29, 2012
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  • rkka

    “Boy, the Russians sure have a good reason to like re-sets, where we make concessions and they do essentially nothing in return they would not have done anyway in their own interests.”

    Heh. Yet another Anglosphere analyst who pines for the days when “Okay Boris, here’s what you’ve got to do next. Here’s some more (excrement) for your face.” was considered by all to be an adequate basis for Anglosphere-Russian relations.

    Those days are over. Deal with it. The Russian government demands a new thing in relations with the Anglosphere – reciprocity. With tens of thousands of US troops, tens of thousands of NATO allied troops, and tens of thousands of contractors dependent on Russian airspace and rails for 3/4 of their supplies, the days of the Anglosphere dictating terms to Russia are dead and gone.

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