Obama Administration Spinning on Syria
Published on: May 21, 2012
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  • military exercises that large and involving that many personnel don’t just pop up overnight

  • Bob

    That’s right. Obama is feckless. We want a full scale invasion like that done by the Cheney Bush administration in Iraq. Nobody calls Cheney “Feckless”!

  • Corlyss

    “Yesterday’s vote means that Ukraine is ready to leave behind the Soviet past and to get out from under Russia’s shadow.”

    Right. They’re the woman who has suffered years of abuse at the hands of a violent husband finally deciding to call a divorce attorney. They’ve tried the restraining order (the laughable deal struck between Ukraine, Russia, and the west years ago). As they say in the trade, a restraining order is just a piece of paper. They’ve tried arming themselves with equally laughable results (Barney Fife comes to mind). Now they’re going to try votes the “husband” will simply refuse to recognize. What’s next? Refugee status for the population that wants to leave so they can emigrate to the US more easily? Well, I’d rather have them than the functional illiterates aiming for welfare that we keep getting from those failed states south of us.

    • Pete

      “Refugee status for the population that wants to leave so they can emigrate to the US more easily?”

      No, no, no. Let them stay put and solve their own problems.

      • Corlyss

        Well, yours would be my answer too. How the heck are people supposed to learn how to deal with governments if they keep fleeing to places that do it better? Better to make them stay there and fix the problems. But we know the engineers of the current dysfunctional immigration regime fundamentally detest America as it was in the 1940s and 50s and desired nothing more than to cure what they perceived as American racism and bigotry by flooding the place with the unskilled and illiterate who can’t look after themselves.

        • Pete

          And the bastards are succeeding

  • Andrew Allison

    As Poroshenko clearly recognizes, there’s no way for Ukraine to get out from under Russia’s shadow. “Finlandization” is the only feasible alternative to de facto partition.

    • ShadrachSmith

      Finlandization as “the art of bowing to the East without mooning the West”, is exactly what is called for. The diplomatic term is Realpolitik, the art of survival.

  • ShadrachSmith

    The winner isn’t important, what is important is that those areas that could not hold the polls open are all but gone to Russia. Show us a map with participation rates, and you can draw Russia’s new southern boundary.

  • Pete

    And does she imagines that the EU actually wants the Ukraine in its fold? Ha!

    Will this propagandist for the Ukraine next propose statehood for the Ukraine because the Ukrainians want it?

  • Julie Leighton

    The “Finlandization” Grey Zone:

    The difficulty with the “Finlandization” concept is its fluid definition and unclear applicability for Ukraine.

    Henry Kissinger advocated for the country’s “Finlandization” in a Washington Post op-ed back in March. He argued that Ukraine should not be admitted to NATO; and it should pursue policies that would align it largely with the West, without engaging in direct hostilities with Russia. This way, the country would reconcile it’s desire for European ideals without compromising its shared memory with Russia.

    This position was opposed immediately by the Clifford Gaddy of the Brookings Institute. He pointed out that Ukraine was simply too weak, corrupt, unstable, and had too low a GDP to be considered a candidate for “Finlandization.” Finland, he argued, had to work very hard, sacrifice territory, and present a united front to counter Russian dominance in order to achieve their position— none of which Ukraine is currently capable of doing.

    Another “Finlandization” skeptic, Krista Taubert of TIME, pointed out that Finland’s position was only achieved through slow and steady cooperation with the West– something she doubts that the Kremlin will tolerate from Ukraine.

    David Ignatius seems to be defining and conceptualizing “Finlandization” differently than the three authors above. He states, “ The Russian leader may be ready to accept a neutral country, between East and West, where Russia’s historical interests are recognized. During the Cold War, such an outcome was known as “Finlandization.” His definition alludes to a completely disenfranchised Ukraine that can only act at the pleasure of its neighbor. Ukraine would, for all intents and purposes, be perpetually in Moscow’s shadow—an idea that brought people to the streets back in the fall.

    Having Ukraine perform a perpetual geopolitical balancing act is a short term solution. But is it feasible? The Kissinger idea looks good on paper: it would allow the country to make progress on the world stage, and grant it a notional degree of independence from Russia–but, as Gaddy and Taubert point out, it is impossible, because Ukraine and Finland are not domestically comparable. Ignatius’ idea doesn’t hold water even theoretically. His proposal would reignite Maidan, and then trigger greater Russian intervention–it would simply exacerbate the situation.

    The solution to the Ukrainian situation should be chosen by Ukrainians themselves. They should determine their future trajectory. The elections proved that majority want a western one.

  • Eero Iloniemi

    I didn’t no that we are not commited to Europe or that we are in a civilizational grey zone. But now I do. Eero Iloniemi, Helsinki Finland(ization).

  • Yes, bravo to Ukraine for electing a president who uses the power of the military against his own people, unarmed civilians! Well done indeed!

    • Boris Ioffe

      You conveniently forget about russian snipers executing unarmed civilians in Kiev this winder. Unkranian military is dealing with a terrorist groups supported by russian goverment. These people capture OSCE observers as hostages and trade them in exchange of weapons and money. Yesterday they executed poll workers and tried to bring down civial airplane (full body jet with hundreds of passengers).

      By the way, did they found who blew two 12 stories buildings on Kashirskoe shosse? You know perfectly who did it.

      Contemorary Russia is fachist state who support terrorism around the globe. Their closest alies are Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela. They supply weapons to a highest bidder with no regard to international law.

  • wigwag

    “Bravo, Ukraine, Bravo shouts Lilia Shevtsova with all the gusto of a teeny booper extolling the virtues of the latest boy band. Shevtsova assures us that,

    “Yesterday’s presidential election in Ukraine was more than just a demonstration of Ukrainians’ readiness to elect their government democratically. These polls are a watershed moment in Ukrainian history.”

    Has it escaped her notice that the new George Washington of the Ukraine is non other than a Willy Wonka look-alike? This election tells us with utter clarity why Ukraine is fated to remain a failed state far into the future.

    The election of Petro Poroshenko as President of Ukraine is about as ridiculous as if Colonel Sanders was elected President of the United States

  • Рустем

    Ukraine has signed a binding agreement
    Will credits and crises from credit bubbles, the complete destruction of the pension system, the complete destruction of the middle class and small and medium business. Forget about agriculture, for coming to master your market, will press and to dump manufacturers. By the way, we liter of milk purchase price 5-7 Euro cents and sell for 1 Euro 20 cents per liter.
    All pensions will be spent on implementation of EU Directive. You can continue indefinitely.

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