Bruce E. Cain
Trump's Infrastructure Plan
Hard Problems and Democratic Procrastination

Both parties agree that the country has serious infrastructure needs—but even with a new proposal on the table, we may end up with next to nothing.

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The Gerrymandering Debate
Drawing the Line on Redistricting

The Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on redistricting could draw the Court into a deep, dark political thicket—and expectations are all over the map.

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Money in Politics
Tax Reform for Donors

The tax bill shows that donor influence on Congress remains a problem, but reform efforts to reduce this corruption are further polarizing the country.

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Party Politics
The Primary Problem

Primaries encourage polarization and lock politicians into a cycle of overpromising and underdelivering. Is there a better way?

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Trump’s Re-Election Strategy

The President is betting on the Electoral College to carry him back to the White House in 2020, and he just might be right.

If It's Broke...
Our Peculiar Reform Challenge

An introduction to the oddities and limits of institutional political reform in the United States.

If It's Broke...
The Transparency Paradox

Contrary to the naive sirens of maximum democracy, greater transparency is as much a problem for good governance as it is a solution.

Political Development
Populist Illusions and Pluralist Realities

Efforts at reform that maximize democratic access fail to acknowledge the limits of citizen capacity and interest.

Califormula for Dysfunction

Gimmicks can’t mask basic political disagreement; they only make things worse.

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