Bruce E. Cain
Not So Simple
Burning Questions in the West

It’s not just the politics of climate change prevention that are knotty in the United States. Adaptation is proving just as difficult.

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Social (Media) Democracy
In Facebook We Trust?

There are those who believe we are better off letting high tech executives like Mark Zuckerberg make critical decisions about our democracy. I, for one, am skeptical.

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Checks and Balances
America’s Political Stress Test

The Trump presidency is testing the resilience of our democratic system. How are we holding up?

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Cyber Insecurity
Arms Races to the Bottom

There is a basic similarity between nuclear and cyber arms races—and thus plenty of reason to worry about developing cyber tools as offensive weapons.

The Trump Precedent
The Future of Political Parties in Three Movements

Assuming that the current political situation reflects something deeper about our current politics, what will our democracy look like in the future?

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Lessons from California
The Question of Borders

Immigration today raises many of the same issues that were debated in the 1980s and 1990s—and the Golden State is once again at the heart of the matter.

Partisan Mirroring and Difficult Choices

Not all is looking rosy for Democrats ahead of what could be a wave election this fall.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan
Hard Problems and Democratic Procrastination

Both parties agree that the country has serious infrastructure needs—but even with a new proposal on the table, we may end up with next to nothing.

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The Gerrymandering Debate
Drawing the Line on Redistricting

The Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on redistricting could draw the Court into a deep, dark political thicket—and expectations are all over the map.

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Money in Politics
Tax Reform for Donors

The tax bill shows that donor influence on Congress remains a problem, but reform efforts to reduce this corruption are further polarizing the country.

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