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South China Sea Standoff
South China Sea Standoff
At Scarborough Shoal, Manila Expects the Unacceptable

The Philippine Defense Minister has drawn a red line at Scarborough Shoal, saying Manila anticipates but would not tolerate Chinese attempts to build there.

South China Sea Standoff
Beijing Wants US out of South China Sea Negotiations

Chinese officials say they want to implement a “code of conduct” with ASEAN in 2017.

South China Sea Standoff
Kerry Urges Manila to Negotiate with China

But about what?

South China Sea Standoff
Taiwan Deploys Naval Patrol to the Spratlys

But make no mistake: Taiwan does not see itself on the same side as Mainland China.

South China Sea Standoff
Will the Philippines Throw the Hague’s Ruling in the Trash?

The big problem is that the case hangs from pretty weak thread.

South China Sea Standoff
Beijing Digs in as SCS Court Decision Looms

China’s statements are getting more and more belligerent.

South China Sea Standoff
U.S. Applies Pressure In South China Sea, But Beijing Digs In

Who will blink first?

South China Sea Standoff
U.S. Sends Spy Plane to South China Sea

The United States announced it will be deploying the Poseidon P-8 aircraft to Singapore to help with disaster relief and “maritime security efforts.”

South China Sea Standoff
Keeping the Heat on Beijing in S. China Sea

Slowly but surely, the multilateral U.S.-backed response to Beijing in the South China Sea is starting to take real shape. Let’s hope the White House stays the course.

South China Sea Standoff
U.S. Challenging China by Air and by Sea

Amid continuing confusion about whether Washington is committed to confronting Beijing in the South China Sea, count this story for those who say the United States is plenty serious.

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