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South China Sea Standoff
Kerry Urges Manila to Negotiate with China
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  • rheddles

    deleted by author

  • Fat_Man

    What did Kerry tell the Philippines?


  • Kevin

    Is Kerry trying to preemptively surrender or just too stupid to know what he’s saying advocating bilateral talks? With him it’s hard to tell whether he’s motivated by cowardice or ignorance.

    • Observe&Report

      My guess is both, but mostly the former.

    • JR

      i reject your false choice.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Embrace the power of “and”

  • Blackbeard

    Surely no one is surprised that the Obama administration is, once again, wimping out. At least if we’re going to give China everything they want and abandon yet another ally in the process, you would think we would get some concessions in return. Apparently that elementary sort of diplomacy is over the head of our esteemed Secretary of State.

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