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Middle East Aflame
Middle East Aflame
Mattis Wants a Political Solution in Yemen

But he may bomb the Houthis to the negotiating table first.

Middle East Aflame
Why Trump May Escalate in Yemen

General Mattis wants an early chance to roll back Iranian gains in the region, and despite the risks, Yemen seems like a tempting place to start.

Middle East Aflame
The Second Front Against ISIS Opens

The collapse of order in the Middle East and the Obama administration’s lame response to it won’t be washed away by the fall of ISIS. But ISIS needs to die

Middle East Aflame
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Meanwhile, in Syria…

What’s been happening in Syria since the “cessation of hostilities” began to take effect about ten days ago? Both less and more than meets the eye of the casual observer.

Middle East Aflame
Lebanon: The Syrian War’s Next Casualty?

The devastation next door, combined with ISIS attacks and rising sectarian tensions at home, could send Lebanon into round two of its civil war.

Middle East Aflame
The Reality of Sectarian Conflict

Amnesty accuses Kurds of war crimes. These are the demons that have been unleashed in the Middle East.

Middle East Aflame
Turkey Threatens To Invade Syria

Turkey could wind up attacking targets inside Syria—not primarily to counteract ISIS, but to prevent the emergence of a Kurdish state.

Middle East Aflame
Putting a Brave Face on ISIS Advances

A meeting of stakeholders of the anti-ISIS coalition met in Paris and concluded that everything’s going swimmingly. What kind of victories will ISIS need to score for a change in strategy?

Middle East Aflame
Assad Broadens The Sectarian War

Thousands of Pakistani and Afghan mercenaries are flooding into Syria, financed by Iran, which is doubling down on its commitment to keep Assad in power.

Middle East Aflame
WATCH: Walter Russell Mead, Cardinal Dolan on ME’s Persecuted Christians

Full coverage is now up of WRM and the Archbishop of New York talking about Christians in the Middle East.

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What's In a Deal?

Support for the Paris deal is coming from surprising places—Republican lawmakers, corporate America, and the fossil fuel industry.


A new elite initiative to shield itself from accountability.

National Insecurity

The breaches of American security during the past eight years were even worse than we knew.

Europe's War on the Internet

Germany adopts, EU considers, new restrictions on internet speech. But is ideology or protectionism to blame?

One Man; One Vote

As party leader, Erdogan will further guarantee his personal control of the state.

Going Ballistic

North Korea is giving no respite to South Korea’s new pro-engagement president.

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