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Middle East Aflame
The Second Front Against ISIS Opens
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  • solstice

    Professor Mead, you keep characterizing Obama administration policy in the Middle East as “lame” and “dithering” without ever suggesting an alternative that is superior. You are impervious to the fact that the Middle East is irredeemably hopeless and that it is beyond the ability of the United States to solve its problems. And when has “hoping and praying” ever done anything to bring the “tragic conflicts” in that region to a “speedy close?” That’s right, never, because god does not listen to the silly requests of a primitive, poorly-evolved mammalian species living in an obscure suburb of a vast universe.

  • Proud Skeptic

    While I do not profess to understand all of the intricacies or the long term effects of American policy in the Mid East, I do believe that until the local people were forced to deal with ISIS themselves, nothing was going to get resolved there.

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