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Future Power
Future Power
Macron’s Nuclear Mistake

France’s new energy minister is intent on shutting down nuclear power plants.

Future Power
Republican Defends Wind Power from Rick Perry

But Perry has a point.

Future Power
Tackling Renewables’ Grid Problem

The Department of Energy is reviewing how renewables affect U.S. grid stability.

Future Power
Wind and Solar Can’t Replace French Nuclear Reactors

The head of a French utility had to remind greens that renewables can’t—and shouldn’t—replace the country’s nuclear reactors.

Future Power
Brussels and Berlin Brace for Nuclear Power Stand-off

The EU wants to ignore Germany’s concerns over nuclear power and start funding the research and development of new nuclear technologies.

Future Power
America’s Aging Nuclear Problem

More than a third of US nuclear power capacity is due to go offline by 2035. That’s a big problem.

Future Power
Bill Gates Is a Smarter Brand of Green

Bill Gates is optimistic about our energy future, so long as we wisely invest more in R&D.

Future Power
Smart Green Spending, for a Change

The U.S. Department of Energy this week announced it will help fund two companies that are pioneering new nuclear technologies.

Future Power
Nuclear Power the World’s Great Green Hope

A number of new nuclear technologies with some extraordinary promise are threatening to shake up the industry.

Future Power
Environmentalists Warm Up to Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy can produce large amounts of electricity consistently, something no renewable source can yet claim, and it does so without emitting greenhouse gases. Environmentalists have so far been slow to embrace nuclear power, but that may be changing.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Department of Can-Kicking

So much for a breakthrough.

The Noose Tightens

As Putin heads to meet French President Emanuel Macron next week, his security services are interrogating a celebrated Cannes-winning director in Moscow.

TPP Post Trump

Picking up the pieces of TPP may be more difficult than many in Asia imagine, leaving China with an attractive opening.

Atrocity in England

Twenty-two people were killed in a bombing at a children’s concert, the deadliest in the UK since the 7/7 bombings.

Seeing a Pattern...

To lose one President to a corruption scandal may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two in a row begins to look like carelessness.

Crude Economics

Iraq isn’t towing the cartel line.

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